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Title: Prisoners' Self-Help Litigation Manual / Edition 4, Author: John Boston
Title: Inventing Human Rights: A History, Author: Lynn Hunt
Title: International Human Rights / Edition 2, Author: Philip Alston
Title: Pathologies of Power: Health, Human Rights, and the New War on the Poor / Edition 1, Author: Paul Farmer
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Title: Power Interrupted: Antiracist and Feminist Activism inside the United Nations, Author: Sylvanna M. Falcón
Title: Eyes off the Prize: The United Nations and the African American Struggle for Human Rights, 1944-1955 / Edition 1, Author: Carol Anderson
Title: Law and War: International Law and American History / Edition 2, Author: Peter Maguire
Title: Homo Sacer: Sovereign Power and Bare Life / Edition 1, Author: Giorgio Agamben
Title: Making Human Rights a Reality, Author: Emilie M. Hafner-Burton
Title: The Inferno: A Story of Terror and Survival in Chile, Author: Luz Arce
Title: Genocide and the Modern Age: Etiology and Case Studies of Mass Death, Author: Isidor Wallimann
Title: The Specter of Genocide: Mass Murder in Historical Perspective / Edition 1, Author: Robert Gellately
Title: Mobilizing for Human Rights: International Law in Domestic Politics, Author: Beth A. Simmons
Title: Victims' Stories and the Advancement of Human Rights, Author: Diana Tietjens Meyers
Title: Never Again?: The United States and the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide since the Holocaust / Edition 1, Author: Peter Ronayne
Title: Are Women Human?: And Other International Dialogues, Author: Catharine A. MacKinnon
Title: Greece, Rome, and the Bill of Rights / Edition 1, Author: Susan Ford Wiltshire
Title: A Mother's Cry: A Memoir of Politics, Prison, and Torture under the Brazilian Military Dictatorship, Author: Lina Sattamini
Title: Formations of Violence: The Narrative of the Body and Political Terror in Northern Ireland / Edition 1, Author: Allen Feldman
Title: Human Rights in World History / Edition 1, Author: Peter N. Stearns

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