Title: Think: A Compelling Introduction to Philosophy, Author: Simon Blackburn
Title: The Hedgehog and the Fox: An Essay on Tolstoy's View of History - Second Edition / Edition 2, Author: Isaiah Berlin
Title: Advice for a Young Investigator / Edition 1, Author: Santiago Ramon Y Cajal
Title: A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History, Author: Manuel De Landa
Title: Consciencism / Edition 1, Author: Kwame Nkrumah
Title: A Spinoza Reader: The Ethics and Other Works / Edition 1, Author: Benedict de Spinoza
Title: The Oxford Companion to Philosophy / Edition 2, Author: Ted Honderich
Title: Philosophy as a Way of Life: Spiritual Exercises from Socrates to Foucault / Edition 1, Author: Pierre Hadot
Title: Meditations on First Philosophy, Author: Rene Descartes
Title: A Brief History of the Soul / Edition 1, Author: Stewart Goetz
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Title: New Atlantis and The Great Instauration / Edition 2, Author: Francis Bacon
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Title: All or Nothing: Systematicity, Transcendental Arguments, and Skepticism in German Idealism, Author: Paul W. Franks
Title: Philosophy for Understanding Theology, Second Edition / Edition 2, Author: Diogenes Allen
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Title: Augustine and Modernity / Edition 1, Author: Michael Hanby
Title: Indian Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction, Author: Sue Hamilton
Title: A History of the Mind: Evolution and the Birth of Consciousness / Edition 1, Author: Nicholas Humphrey
Title: The Cure Within: A History of Mind-Body Medicine, Author: Anne Harrington
Title: Medieval Foundations of the Western Intellectual Tradition / Edition 1, Author: Marcia L. Colish
Title: The Sociology of Philosophies: A Global Theory of Intellectual Change / Edition 1, Author: Randall Collins
Title: Stages on Life's Way / Edition 1, Author: Søren Kierkegaard

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