Title: Encyclopedia of Chicago, Author: James R. Grossman
Title: Naming New York: Manhattan Places and How They Got Their Names, Author: Sanna Feirstein
Title: Japanese American Internment during World War II: A History and Reference Guide / Edition 1, Author: Wendy Ng
Title: Handbook of Political Science Research on the Middle East and North Africa, Author: Bernard Reich
Title: Blacks in the American West and Beyond--America, Canada, and Mexico: A Selectively Annotated Bibliography, Author: George H. Junne
Title: Afghanistan: A Bibliography, Author: Heather Bleaney
Title: Asian American Novelists: A Bio-Bibliographical Critical Sourcebook, Author: Emmanuel S. Nelson
Title: Historical Dictionary of Guinea / Edition 4, Author: Thomas O'Toole
Title: Historical Gazetteer of the United States / Edition 1, Author: Paul T. Hellmann
Title: Dictionary of Literary Biography: Vol. 201 Twentieth-Century British Book Collectors and Bibliographers, Author: William Baker
Title: Asian American Short Story Writers: An A-to-Z Guide, Author: Guiyou Huang
Title: Irish Studies / Edition 1, Author: Alex Davis
Title: Encyclopedia of Geographic Information Sources / Edition 4, Author: Jennifer Mossman
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Title: A Student Guide to Japanese Sources in the Humanities, Author: Yasuko Makino
Title: Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century Latin American and Caribbean Literature, 1900-2003 / Edition 1, Author: Daniel Balderston
Title: Iraq: A Bibliographical Guide, Author: Heather Bleaney
Title: Geographical Sources of Ming-Qing History, Second Edition / Edition 2, Author: Timothy Brook
Title: 1611-1900 / Edition 1, Author: Wolfgang Hadamitzky
Title: Bibliography of Southeast Asia: A Decade of Selected Social Science Publications in the English Language 1990 - 2000 / Edition 664, Author: Ch'ng Kim See
Title: Britain and Tibet 1765-1947: A Select Annotated Bibliography of British Relations with Tibet and the Himalayan States including Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan<BR>Revised and Updated to 2003 / Edition 1, Author: Alastair Lamb

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