Title: Focus Groups: A Practical Guide for Applied Research / Edition 5, Author: Richard A. Krueger
Title: Designing and Conducting Mixed Methods Research / Edition 3, Author: John W. Creswell
Title: Survey Research Methods / Edition 5, Author: Floyd J. Fowler
Title: The SAGE Dictionary of Qualitative Inquiry / Edition 4, Author: Thomas A. Schwandt
Title: Cognitive Interviewing: A Tool for Improving Questionnaire Design / Edition 1, Author: Gordon B. Willis
Title: Case Study Research and Applications: Design and Methods / Edition 6, Author: Robert K. Yin
Title: Qualitative Research: A Guide to Design and Implementation / Edition 4, Author: Sharan B. Merriam
Title: Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design: Choosing Among Five Approaches / Edition 4, Author: John W. Creswell
Title: Qualitative Data Analysis: A Methods Sourcebook / Edition 4, Author: Matthew B. Miles
Title: Effective Data Visualization: The Right Chart for the Right Data / Edition 2, Author: Stephanie Evergreen
Title: The Basics of Social Research / Edition 7, Author: Earl R. Babbie
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Title: Qualitative Research & Evaluation Methods: Integrating Theory and Practice / Edition 4, Author: Michael Quinn Patton
Title: Fundamentals of Qualitative Research: A Practical Guide / Edition 1, Author: Kakali Bhattacharya
Title: How to Write a Master's Thesis / Edition 3, Author: Yvonne N. Bui
Title: Constructing Grounded Theory / Edition 2, Author: Kathy Charmaz
Title: Design, Evaluation, and Analysis of Questionnaires for Survey Research / Edition 2, Author: Willem E. Saris
Title: Handbook for Team-Based Qualitative Research / Edition 1, Author: Greg Guest
Title: How to Conduct Surveys: A Step-by-Step Guide / Edition 6, Author: Arlene G. Fink
Title: Narrative Methods for the Human Sciences / Edition 1, Author: Catherine Kohler Riessman
Title: 100 Activities for Teaching Research Methods / Edition 1, Author: Catherine Dawson

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