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Title: Cat's Cradle: A Book of String Figures
Title: Table Top Football: A Guide to the Classic Lunchroom Sport
Title: The Foam Book
Title: Monsters
Title: The Adventures of Joe Bender: Bendable Wire Hero
Title: Klutz the Cootie Catcher Book
Title: Doodle Dogs
Title: Klutz Decorate Your Locker
Title: Klutz: How to Make Pompom Animals
Title: The Adventures of Brenda Bender: Bendable Wire Heroine
Title: Klutz Little Letters: Your First Letter-Writing Set
Title: Triptivities
Title: The Klutz Book of Jacks
Title: Klutz: Foam Gliders: 5 Easy-To-Build-and-Fly Designs
Title: Klutz: Totally Tape
Title: Klutz: Hightlight this Book!
Title: Klutz: Crayon Rubbings: A Bumpity Coloring Book
Title: Klutz: Hand Art
Title: Amazing Lacing
Title: Doodle Faces

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