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Title: Got Soul / I Thank You [B&N Exclusive] [7
Title: Shadow Expert [Royal Blue Vinyl], Artist: Palm
Title: Like Wolves, Artist: Like Wolves
Title: Resurrection, Artist: Common
Title: Die, Die My Darling, Artist: Misfits
Title: Back to Higher Ground, Artist: The Briggs
Title: Mozart, Dvorák, Artist: Quartetto Italiano
Title: Opiate [EP], Artist: Tool
Title: Follow the Lights, Artist: Ryan Adams & the Cardinals
Title: The Wild Youth EP, Artist: Daughter
Title: His Young Heart, Artist: Daughter
Title: Talk Dirty to Me/Look What the Cat Dragged In, Artist: Poison
Title: Free/Calling on You, Artist: Stryper
Title: Ooga Booga, Artist: Schizophonics
Title: Helvete, Artist: Nasum
Title: Annihilate This Week, Artist: Black Flag
Title: Hymn for the Greatest Generation, Artist: Caspian
Title: Hamburg Recordings 1967 [LP], Artist: The Monks
Title: Waldos, Artist: Waldos
Title: Nineteen Ninety Now: The Instrumentals, Artist: Celph Titled

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