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Title: Brave Enough [B&N Exclusive] [Bonus Track], Artist: Lindsey Stirling
Title: Sing [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] [B&N Exclusive], Artist:
Title: Voicenotes, Artist: Charlie Puth Pre-Order Now
Title: Immaculate Collection (Madonna), Artist: Madonna
Title: Worlds, Artist: Porter Robinson
Title: Bloom, Artist: Troye Sivan
Title: This Is Happening [LP], Artist: LCD Soundsystem
Title: Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), Artist: Wu-Tang Clan
Title: The Fragile [Definitive Edition], Artist: Nine Inch Nails
Title: Trolls [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] [LP], Artist:
Title: Devil Without a Cause [LP], Artist: Kid Rock
Title: The Hustle [Single], Artist: Van McCoy
Title: This Is What The Truth Feels Like [B&N Exclusive] [Blue Vinyl], Artist: Gwen Stefani
Title: Erotica, Artist: Madonna
Title: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy [LP Version], Artist: Kanye West
Title: Rodeo [LP], Artist: Travis Scott
Title: Shawn Mendes, Artist: Shawn Mendes
Title: Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 [Score] [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] [Red Vinyl], Artist:
Title: Music [LP], Artist: Madonna
Title: Take Care, Artist: Drake

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