10 Ways to Get the Most Out of the B&N Book Haul

Grabby hands at the ready, folks: the time has come for another earth-shattering, shelf-quaking #BNBookHaul! Saturday, August 24 through Monday, September 2, select titles—including new releases, bestsellers, paperbacks, kids’ favorites and more—are available for 50 percent off at Barnes & Noble, both in stores and online.

(Even better: B&N members get the VIP treatment, with exclusive access to this book bonanza beginning tomorrow, August 22.)

The whole book, half the price. Finally, math works for us all. You can find #bookhaul deals in your local store and online at bn.com/bookhaul.

Looking for more reasons to embrace the blowout? Are you excited but also the teensiest-bit overwhelmed by the vast bounty of new reads available to you? Here are 10 ways to ensure get the most bang for your Book Haul buck.

1. Plan Ahead
The world has a lot of books and, we’re betting, so does your to-read list. Get started on the right foot by poring over the list of titles featured in the sale broken down by genre. There are books here for all types of readers, including fiction across all genres (from mysteries and thrillers, to history and memoirs!), highly bingeable YA novels, and some of our favorite sci-fi and fantasy books of the year so far. Of course, you’ll still undoubtedly be seduced by a beautiful, unexpected book cover or three, but at least this way, you’ll be aiming to pick up a solid list of essentials while you do it.

2. Stay Hydrated
Does this need explanation? Heavy books + moving quickly = sweaty recipe for dehydration. You don’t want to pass out in the aisle. It’s poor Book Haul etiquette to make fellow patrons step over you—prone, legs splayed, hands clutching a hefty biography.

3. Clear Your Shelves
If you have not already done so, now is the time to KonMari those bookshelves to make room for new books, all of which will most certainly spark joy.

4. Don’t Skip Arm Day
If you’re shopping in store, you’re going to need a bigger basket—and all the upper-body strength you can muster. Unless you’re just buying novellas, in which case, carry on.

5. Also Don’t Skip Leg Day
When hoisting your finds onto the counter at checkout, you should always lift with your legs.

6. Use the Buddy System
Best way to maximize bargain-hunting efficiency? Divide and conquer. Bring your spouse or significant other, your best friend or a parent. Split the list and split up. Tip for those with children, they’re great assets for hitting the low shelves—and also for carrying overflow books. It’s character-building.

7. Test Your Wi-Fi Strength
Online shoppers, we have all been there, waiting for the page to load so you might gaze upon your cart and delight in it. This is not the time to waste any precious seconds. Be somewhere with a stable, free-flowing internet connection. Like, the fancy coffee shop down the street. Or your parents’ house.

8. Explore a New Genre
Enough with the logistics. These deals offer the perfect opportunity to pick out reads you might be too nervous to buy otherwise. Curious about breaking into romance for the first time? Never really delved into sci-fi? Now’s your chance to bring home some beauties and broaden your reading horizons at half the cost.

9. Treat Yourself
For far too many of us, it’s much easier to buy a gift for someone else than for yourself. Throw that thinking out the window during #BNBookHaul and use the huge savings as an excuse to buy yourself that book (or ten) you’ve been meaning to read for far too long. You deserve it.

10. Buy. All. The. Books! And Tote Them Away
While supplies last, buy any 3 eligible books and get an exclusive Book Haul tote bag to, er, haul them home in. Consider it a practical, environmentally conscious badge of honor. (The advice is universal, but this one’s an in-store-only deal.)

Find all the details on Book Haul here.

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