100 (Pretty Weird) Ways To Squeeze Reading Into Your Day

yogagirlHow many times have you heard someone bemoan the fact that they don’t have time to read? Us book-lovers know that that is pure bull-hooey—if you want to read, you will. You will squeeze reading time into every free nook and cranny of your day. We started a list of potential vacancies during the day that might offer enough time to devour a few pages of your book—but we only have 75 and we want 100! Help us reach our goal by leaving your best ideas in the comments.


  1. While you’re brushing your teeth
  2. While your manicure is drying
  3. While you’re on hold
  4. During commercials
  5. In between sets
  6. Watering the garden
  7. In between the warmup band and the band you came to see
  8. Waiting to pick ____ up from _____ practice
  9. On the Stair Master
  10. While you’re eating breakfast
  11. During the football game that’s on that you don’t want to actually watch
  12. Going up the stairs
  13. In the elevator at work
  14. Waiting in line at the grocery store
  15. Microwaving popcorn
  16. Walking your dog
  17. Flipping burgers
  18. During a fire/tornado drill
  19. Waiting for your laundry
  20. Vacuuming
  21. Rocking your baby
  22. On a merry-go-round
  23. In the carwash
  24. While the Subway sandwich artists are compiling your sandwich
  25. On the bus/ the train/ carpool
  26. Cooking risotto
  27. While your partner is reading
  28. Hiding in the work bathroom when you’re bored
  29. Before your (rude) date shows, thirty minutes late
  30. In the intermission of a play
  31. Filling up the Brita pitcher
  32. During “smoke breaks” since you don’t smoke anymore
  33. During the Real Housewives episode you’ve already seen 30 times
  34. Getting your hair done
  35. While the coffee percolates
  36. During the boring parts of your religious service
  37. During a pedicure
  38. Waiting for an interview or meeting to start
  39. While your cat is getting his yearly checkup
  40. During a shoe shine
  41. While they’re tattooing that tribal sign on your lower back
  43. During a horseback riding lesson
  44. In a hot tub
  45. Waiting for the sloowwwww bartender to get you your drink
  46. Inbetween shifts
  47. During a fit of insomnia
  48. While you’re doing crunches
  49. While you’re waiting for everyone to retweet that awesome thing you just said
  50. Waiting for the toast to pop up
  51. During your lunch break
  52. While your prescription is being filled
  53. Waiting in line to pick up Cronuts
  54. Doing one-armed pull-ups
  55. During a boring phone conversation with someone who is egocentric and doesn’t care if you participate in the conversation
  56. While the flight attendant is giving the seat belt demonstration (But kind of pay attention because, you know, safety)
  57. Sitting in your driveway while nobody comes to your garage sale
  58. On a float in a lazy river
  59. Getting a back massage
  60. Mid-cortisone shot
  61. While you’re getting your tribal tattoo lasered off
  62. While the fax machine is…doing its thang
  63. Waiting to see Hunger Games: Catching Fire because you got there four hours early
  64. Drying your hair
  65. Riding the stationary bike
  66. Waiting for the bathroom at a concert
  67. During the 8-course, prix-fixe dinner you’re eating by yourself because why not
  68. Boiling water for eggs or pasta
  69. At halftime
  70. Raking leaves
  71. In your lap during a bad date
  72. During a boring phone conference at work
  73. During the PTA meeting
  74. On your bike during stop lights
  75. In the bathtub

What’s the weirdest time of day you squeeze in your reading?

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