11 April Fool’s Pranks for Book Nerds

If laughter is, in fact, the best medicine, then the healthiest day of the year is upon us. The first of April is here, and some of us (ahem) live for April Fool’s Day every year. We may be understated, unassuming bookworms 364 days of the year, but on the one day devoted to pranks, practical jokes, and good-natured mischief, it’s our time to shine.

If you’ve got an impish inclination to tease your fellow book lovers, we’ve got some perfect prank ideas for you. Remember, it’s no fun unless both sides are laughing, so keep your silly schemes clean and never mean!

1. Switch up all the book jackets on their books (alternatively, just take all their books and replace them with completely different books).

2. Convince them there’s a sequel to their favorite book that everyone else has already read. “Wait, there was a sequel to One Hundred Years of Solitude?” “Yeah, have you not read it? Oh my god, you haven’t read An Additional Century of Solitude? It’s a classic!”

3. Text them passages from a novel from an unknown number. Tell them you signed them up for “A Novel A Day” text messaging service because you know how much they love books. Then say, “Wait ‘til they text you War and Peace! It’s the best day ever!”

4. Photograph pages from their favorite book and wallpaper their apartment.

5. Create dust jackets for every single book they own with completely made up names and authors.

6. Change all their phone contacts to the names of literary characters or authors.

7. Convince them your mutual friend is actually the elusive Thomas Pynchon. “No. Way. Tad is Thomas Pynchon?” “Yes, but Tad is really sensitive about it so he’ll never admit it…”

8. Discreetly add extra pages to the book they’re reading so they think they’re going crazy.

9. Make up a bestselling novel that doesn’t exist and tell your friend everyone is reading it for your book club. Watch them search for this book to no avail. Give it a ridiculous name, like Falling For It, by April Fuhle.

10. Send them a letter or a postcard from a fictional character. Remember, be funny about it, not creepy.

11. Tell them certain books are being recalled for having a high potential for paper cuts. Send them a faux official letter and a fake list of books that “pose a threat to people’s fingertips because they are so engrossing they incite people to turn pages recklessly.”

Happy April Fool’s! How are you going to celebrate?

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