20 Ways to Live a More Bawse Life, Inspired By Lilly Singh’s How to Be a Bawse

With over 7 billion people on Earth, you have nearly countless opportunities to knock someone’s socks off. And if your ambitions are a little broader, turn to YouTube trailblazer and all-around rockstar Lilly Singh, sharing her hard-earned wisdom in How to Be a Bawse. With powerful advice, personal stories, a juicy bit of name dropping, top-notch design, and full-color photographs that ooze personality, our favorite online unicorn breaks down the mental, physical, and spiritual hustle required to feel bawse in every area of your life. Can’t wait to read her new book, out today? Get started living the bawse life with the tips below. When you’re ready for world domination, pick up Singh’s latest to get more guidance.

  1. Expect to work hard. Dismiss shortcuts as distractions. Seek stairs, not escalators.
  2. Cultivate self-awareness. Knowing yourself better than any HR manager, friend, or enemy makes you the bawse, no matter who you work for.
  3. Welcome hard truths. Embrace discomfort. Mastering your mindset is essential to success.
  4. “If you can’t control a situation, prepare for it.”
  5. Figure out your priorities, hustle toward them, and ignore the rest.
  6. Make mistakes. Own them. Call yourself out. Figure out how to prevent it from happening again. Apologize in a real way.
  7. Choose to conquer life, not just survive it.
  8. Commit to your decisions. Love them so hard you want to marry them.
  9. When faced with FOMO, think about your future self and do whatever will make her proud.
  10. Don’t feel like doing the work? Hold off on freaking out and reinventing your life. Instead, spend time getting inspired. Bingewatch an amazing show like Game of Thrones. Read an interview with an artist you admire. Pick up a magazine you’ve never read
  11. Make a vision board and visualize exactly what success looks like to you. Get specific, look for patterns, imprint your dreams on your subconscious. Then get to work.
  12. Aim high, so your negotiations will land exactly where you need them to.
  13. Feel free to alter strategy and technique as life inevitably changes, but forget the possibility of Plans B, C, or D. There is only Plan A.
  14. Be strong, knowing no one thing has the power to make or break you. Your career is the sum of all the hard work you do.
  15. Take care of your body so it can keep up with your hustle.
  16. Review your stresses at the end of each day and problem solve how you can avoid them or make recurring tasks easier in the future. If that means buying three iPhone chargers so you never find yourself without a working cell, do it.
  17. Surround yourself with smart people who can support and advise you while you focus on doing what you do best. If you can become friends with The Rock, all the better.
  18. Never stop investing in yourself. Take classes. Interview mentors. Hire coaches, VAs, team members, experts. Develop a lifestyle that encourages growth.
  19. When you’re meet someone for the first time, act like the bawse you are. Listen closely and stay engaged. Focus on being present. And, of course, overdeliver.
  20. Know that it’s not enough to work hard and rock your business. Lilly wants you to be the kind of person who genuinely enjoys life and makes other people happy too.

How to Be a Bawse is on shelves now.

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