24 More Book Nerd Problems

Barnes and Noble book table

Last week your responses to our recent post, 99 Book Nerd Problems, made it clear that 99 just couldn’t cover it. We can all name a thousand wonderful things about being a reader, but here’s what you had to say when we asked for the worst thing about always having your nose in a book:

Too many books, too little time. –Louise S.

People who say, “How can you read the same book more than once?” How many times, exactly, have you seen Star Wars??? Same. Thing. –Kim L.L.

When you go to the store and you want 6 books but only have enough money for 2…Becomes the hardest decision of your life in that moment. –Rebecca P.

Telling my husband “I love you, but leave me the hell alone so I can finish.” –Brandi G.

While moving, you notice that your boxes of books number higher than all your other possessions combined. –Ann C.

People that want to talk to you right in the middle of your reading time. –Zachary C.

Going to just buy one and ending up with 5. They’re like clothes. You can’t just buy a shirt, you have to find the pants and shoes to go with it. –Jaquelyn F.

Thinking you have a lot more book to read only to find out the last 40 pages are just the first two chapters of the author’s next book. –Marla C.

Finding an excuse to get out of socializing because I’d rather stay in and read. –Christy B.

Forgetting to do the laundry because I’m in the middle of a “really good part.” Hours later…aw crud, my laundry’s wrinkled. –Terri B.

Inability to start a new book because your still living in the last book’s world. –Amanda D.

That bittersweet feeling when coming to the end of a really good book. –Barbara H.

1. I’d need to retire today to have time to read just the books I currently own. 2. People keep writing more books! –Chris P.

When my guy doesn’t want to talk until I curl up with a good book! –Shannon H.

When the cat or dog insists on putting their whole body between your eyes and the book with their butts in your face. –Sharon P.

Dreaming (repeatedly over the years) that there’s a secret room in my house where there are sequels to all the great books and trying to gather them all up so I don’t miss one and waking up before i dip into even one of them. Crushed that it was just a dream! –Tracy S.H.

When I finish a book and don’t have a new book waiting to be read. –Carolyn C.

Always having to take a book with you to concerts, movies, or even ball games in case it starts late or you are early. –Donna E.

When you are (im)patiently waiting for the next installment and you see the author on social media. All. The. Time. You irrationally want to tell them to log off and go write!! –Vanessa B. T.

Emotionally investing in characters only for them to die or not get the ending you think they deserved. –Atiya I.M.

Having people comment to me while I’m reading, “Are you busy?” or “since you’re not doing anything…” Aarrggghh! –Susan P. B.

Running into stuff while walk-reading. –Seth H.

Book avalanches! –Cynthia W.

I’d say bad translations are one hell of a problem. Not only because they’re annoying but they can mislead or miss important, rich information! –Georgina M. C.

But things aren’t all bad, according to one reader:

On the upside? A non-reading spouse who has come to accept and expect me to spend more time and money in Barnes and Noble than Dress Barn. –Feb B.

  • Ray

    Seeing the movie after reading the book and stating loudly, “Artistic license my foot! That isn’t anything LIKE the book!”

    • Raygina Kohlmeier

      I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one.

    • Regina Corley

      I’ve just started thinking of it as fanfic. It makes it so much easier to forgive. 🙂

  • Maria

    The moment of panic you feel when one of your favorite books is being made into a movie. You really want to be excited and think of everything that could go wrong…

    • Melissa Jaskela

      This ^^

  • Freddy Ben-Zeev

    I realized at some point that it takes an author much longer to write a book than it takes me to read it – with the result that I have to wait forever for the next book in a series (or even just the next book from a favorite author).

    • Jess M

      I learned never to start a series until it is complete. George R.R. Martin taught me that.

  • Miriam

    Reading a really great free e-book… only to discover it’s part of a series and the rest of the series isn’t free 🙁

    • Stephanie

      Every single time!!!!

  • jskupe

    When I last moved, I had 186 12x12x18 boxes of books. No joke. I inventoried it while I was packing. That does not count my wife’s book or my 3 daughters’.

  • Mimi

    1. Unknowingly reading 2 books from the same series then realizing there are several others and a couple of them are in between the ones I read. And I can’t get the rest for a whole week.

    2. Finishing a book in a series and not having any new ones to distract me while waiting for the next one

  • Mary Deck

    1. Fighting over books with my brother. He takes forever to read them. 2. Back pains from walking home from school with 5 books recently checked out from the school library. 3. The public libraries only have sequels. What about starting a series?

  • BelleZGamer

    People who just can’t get into your fangirling vibe. (Example: Last week I got the new RIck Riordan book [SO AMAZING!!! I cried after reading it!!] and I was SO EXCITED and I was rambling about it to my groupmates before I even got to page 3 and they were just staring at me like “Why are you so excited about paper?” And then I rushed through the book and didn’t pause to savour it and now I feel like an idiot and I hate myself. 🙁 Why didn’t I stop and enjoy it fully?!?!)

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