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33 More Things We’d Do If We Were Locked in a Bookstore Overnight

Locked In Bookstore

What would you do if you were locked in a bookstore overnight? We asked, and you answered—and the multitude of delightful ways you would pass the time were just too good not to share!

I would leave special notes in all my favorite books for the next reader. –Lori B.

Try to hide for another night. –Dave S.

I would just sit on the floor and get comfy. Randomly pull books off the shelves and start reading. I have nightmares that I will be like poor Burgess Meredith in the Twilight Zone episode, “Time Enough At Last.” I would just cry if my glasses broke! –Pamela S.

I’d say, “Dreams DO come true!!” And then I’d read all night in a comfy chair. –Marty M.

I would shut my cell phone off n enjoy the best vacation ever. –Heidi K.

Put all my favorites together in one section. I’d probably not read though because my luck, I’d forget my glasses lol! –Jennifer H.

Get comfy in a chair and/or couch….starbucks at my side and read, read, read. Silence, the smell of books and that glorious coffee…sheer bliss. A perfect way to end the school year too. –Ellen J.

Don’t tease us, that’s a would be a dream come true. –Debra S.

Read myself into a coma. –Chrissy S.

Ok seriously B&N you need to run a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory contest for this one. I would so love to win!!! –Pamela L.

I do this every night with my NOOK! –Karen L.

When I first read this post, I needed to stop and give myself a moment. I would do all of the things. –Justine W.

Build a fort out of books, complete with a throne and a master bedroom and a grand library. –Ashe P.

Make iced green tea, grab Godiva and read! –Viki L.

Create my own Iron Throne of books I have conquered (read). –Jeffrey R.

Run to the cafe and raid the dessert case for some cheesecake and brew some coffee. Because low blood sugar would be a bad thing in such a crisis. –Frank M.

It would be the greatest night of my life! –Mary Jo J.

Is there a cafe inside also? Goodbye cinnamon buns. –Joe M.

Put the books in the order I have them at home. –Lawana F.

Set up camp and read sci-fi/fantasy fiction until the store opened. –Charlotte T.

I would sit down in your poofy chairs and….READ! OF COURSE!!! –Teri L.

Every single slice of every cheesecake in the Barnes & Noble Cafe…. GONE. Then I would fix some Cinnamon Tea, grab a Nook off the display, and turn off the lights to save B&N on the electric bill before reading some ebooks. –Anthony M.

Redo displays to showcase my favorite authors, and then READ! –Cathy G.

Look at all the sections I’m too shy to look at when there are people around. –Jessamy W.

I would pull a chair into the aisle (cause we’re not allowed to do that during business hours). I would read every home decor book, cookbooks, travels, gossip magazines. With unlimited Americanos. –Jessica S.

OH MY STARS and STRIPES—one of my best dreams EVER! Mystery and Sci-Fi sections would be my home. –Linda M.

Read the last page of the 100 greatest books ever. –John S.

OMG! I couldn’t read fast enough. I think I might end up running in circles. –Linda I.

Raid the cafe, grab some soft stuff animals for pillows and set up camp in the mystery section. –Jean K.

Drink a gallon sized mug of coffee while reading an awesome book I picked randomly off the shelf because it sounded cool. Make sure to pick at least 3 books JUST in case I finish the first one. Buy books I picked but didn’t finish once the store opens. –Alizabeth B.

First I’d do the dance of joy and then browse my way from front to back of the store. –Susan H.

Can I invite friends? Pajama party! I’ll need to bring yarn. Knitting books here I come. –Jill K.

First of all, I would ask to live there for the rest of my life. I would beg for stay at Barnes & Noble forever. This is like Disneyland for me. –Lina B.

What else would you do if you were locked in a bookstore overnight?