4 New Books for Foodies

Foodie Books

The weather’s getting warmer, food is tasting fresher, and soon you won’t have to pay 7 bucks for a dreary carton of out-of-season raspberries. There’s no better time than spring to embrace (or locate) your inner foodie! Authors must know that, because we’ve got a bumper crop of delicious new reads that’ll make you want to run to your kitchen and start cooking—just as soon as you’ve read one…more…chapter…

Delancey, by Molly Wizenberg
The woman behind wildly popular, beautifully photographed food blog Orangette is back with her second memoir, this one telling the tale of her husband, Brandon’s, pizza obsession, which despite her misgivings turned into a full-blown career with the opening of Seattle pizza restaurant Delancey in 2009. Wizenberg’s warmhearted, immersive prose, backstage view of the high-wire life of a new restaurateur, and insights into the charms of eating simply and well will keep you turning pages late into the night…until the moment you’re irresistibly compelled to stop and order a pizza.

My Paris Kitchen, by David Lebovitz
A decade ago, pastry chef Lebovitz, formerly of revered Berkeley restaurant Chez Panisse, left California to live la vie Parisienne, which (according to his very funny blog) is just as much about expat bureaucracy and missed social cues as it is charming dinner parties and boulangeries. In this, his second ode to Parisian life and dining, Lebovitz revisits French classics, shares dessert, dishes about expat life, and makes us all incredibly jealous with gorgeous photos of his city, his kitchen, and the delights that come out of it.

The New Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone, by Deborah Madison
Over the course of her long career writing vibrant, veggie-loving cookbooks, Madison’s recipes have ranged from accessible to aspirational. Here, in the latest update of her classic vegetarian cooking bible, she’s rooting firmly for the home chef, experienced or not. Even a meat-loving household would do well to keep this inspiring, encyclopedic collection on the shelf.

The Chopped Cookbook, by the Food Network Kitchen
On Food Network’s most delightful show (in my opinion), chef-contestants are given three discordant ingredients, kept secret till the last minute, and asked to incorporate them into dishes on the fly, resulting in both flights of culinary deliciousness and weird-tasting disasters. The cookbook inspired by the show takes out the competitive edge (and the disasters) but keeps the resourceful spirit, showing home cooks how to work with what they’ve got to make an appetizing meal. A perfect pick for the foodie who doesn’t want to run to the market every time they find themselves low on fresh basil or long beans.

What are you cooking this spring?

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