5 Bowl Cookbooks to Start the New Year Right

Most of the United States is under a thick layer of snow (even this author, in supposedly sunny Southern California, has had to suffer through interminable weeks of rain), which means two things: (1) if we want to get our springtime freshness, we’ll need to get it in food form because it’s not coming from the weather; and (2) we’re desperately in need of some comfort food. Combine freshness and comfort and you’ll find one of this year’s hottest wellness trends: the bowl. Whether it’s superfoods, vegetarian, or whole-grain, one of these five cookbooks stands ready to inject health, comfort, and a little bit of springtime into your new year.

Nourishing Superfood Bowls: 75 Healthy and Delicious Gluten-Free Meals to Fuel Your Day, by Lindsay Cotter
This gluten-free cookbook is packed with healthy, easy, comfort-food type recipes. I’m personally most intrigued by the Nacho Salad Bowl because hello, obviously, but there are recipes to suit every taste, ranging from breakfast to dinner and from paleo to vegan. Nourishing Superfood Bowls is a great all-in-one resource, with 75 recipes that will help you clean up your diet without putting in hours in the kitchen or ignoring your tastebuds.

The Berkeley Bowl Cookbook: Recipes Inspired by the Extraordinary Produce of California’s Most Iconic Market, by Laura McLively
This is a cutie: a bowl cookbook focusing on ingredients drawn from the famous Berkeley Bowl Market. With beautiful photographs and innovative recipes, The Berkeley Bowl Cookbook is will enliven your cookbook shelf and your kitchen with recipes like Green Garlic Soup with Lemon Cardamom Yogurt and Stuffed Indian Eggplant. An adventure in wellness trend form, this is the kind of book to help shake off the winter blues.

Bowl: Vegetarian Recipes for Ramen, Pho, Bibimbap, Dumplings, and Other One-Dish Meals, by Lukas Volger
Bowl sets itself an ambitious task—vegetarian ramen—and it pays off in this collection of recipes bowl-lovers and vegetarian cooks alike should consider adding to their collections. From ramen, author Lukas Volger moves to pho, dumplings, laksas, burrito bowls, and bibimbap, creating an array of fresh, innovative recipes like Vegetarian Curry Laksa, Spicy Carrot Dumplings, and even a Ratatouille Polenta. A nourishing, comforting way to stave off the cold and feel healthy in the process.

The Sprouted Kitchen Bowl and Spoon: Simple and Inspired Whole Foods Recipes to Savor and Share, by Sara Forte
This is the second cookbook from Sara Forte of Sprouted Kitchen, again featuring Forte’s imaginative approach to healthy cooking. Focusing on whole foods, comfort, and simplicity, The Sprouted Kitchen Bowl and Spoon is a cookbook that loves food in all its glory—from the sweetness of roasted pears to the color of a beautiful eggplant. With delicious recipes ranging from breakfast (the Baked Eggs with Barely Creamed Greens and Mustardy Bread Crumbs sounds particularly heavenly) to dessert, there’s more than enough here to keep you inspired through the year.

Bowls of Plenty: Recipes for Healthy and Delicious Whole-Grain Meals, by Carolynn Carreno
Carolynn Carreno comes by her bowl credentials honestly: she grew up with a “pseudo-hippie mother” in California and has been cooking whole-grain bowls for fifteen years, as a way to counter-balance the rich foods she ate as a food writer. Bowls of Plenty contains over 75 recipes combining the deliciousness of that gourmet life with the healthiness of the whole-grain bowl, with an emphasis on creative ingredients and an aim to inspire further experimentation at home. Perfect for those looking to hone their healthy cooking skills.

Have you tried your hand at cooking a healthy bowl at home? 

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