5 Reasons You Should Treat Yourself to the New NOOK

There’s one resource we can never have enough of, and no, that resource isn’t Cadbury Creme Eggs. It’s time. And while physicists will try to tell time’s a constant and we can’t actually find ourselves with less of it, anyone trying to find time to read more books knows better.

Which is why the advent of ereaders has been such a boon. Now that you can order a book over the air like magic any time you want, and carry an entire library with you wherever you go, any free moment is officially time enough at last to read. And for anyone trying to get a little time back, things just keep getting better. Barnes & Noble is proud to announce the newest member of its NOOK family of devices: an affordable, lightweight NOOK Tablet 7”, going on sale November 25, that you’ll want to pick up pronto. Need a reason to treat yourself to the newest in NOOK tech? Glad you asked. Here are five times you’re going to be super happy to have your new NOOK.

When You’re Going Places
Lots of things are getting smaller—apartments, salaries, attention spans—but books are getting bigger. Alan Moore just published Jerusalem, which is approximately infinite pages long and weighs as much as a small human being or a very, very large cat. Toting books around can be a chore, and fitting them into carry-on luggage can be an exercise in bending the laws of physics. The new NOOK Tablet, however, is one of the lightest ereader tablets out there. That lightness and small form factor means the new NOOK is perfect for travel—it fits into any sort of carry-on, is easy to hold for long reading jaunts, and can easily be passed around a plane, train, or automobile to keep every member of the family entertained on long trips (or just yourself on long commutes).

When You’re Trying to Get the Most Out of Your Lunch Hour
The NOOK Tablet 7” is designed for readers, which means its primary focus is delivering a first-class reading experience. But the NOOK lives in the modern world. It’s hip. If you need a fully functional tablet, you’ve got one, with the Google Play App store built right in. Need to check email, look something up on the web, snap a quick photo while you’re devouring the newest Oprah book club pick? The NOOK Tablet 7” has got you covered. The beauty of it is that when you need a powerful tablet, the NOOK does it all—but when you want to read, it’s the ideal device specifically for it, making it easy to block out the rest of the world and concentrate on enjoying a great book, wherever you are.

When the Kids are Getting Restless
Everyone knows hell is other people. And when those other people are your family, it can be even worse. One of the most awesome things about the new NOOK Tablet 7” is the ability to set up separate profiles, making it ideal for sharing among kids or between spouses. When you’ve loaded up the family car with snacks, DVDs, and your entire family, the new NOOK guarantees you’ll never cross the streams when it comes to different reading tastes and levels of maturity, and that no one will be without their favorite books, games, and other content when you’re on the road.

When You’re Crunching the Numbers
Ours is a gadget-soaked world, and those gadgets cost. If you’re in the market for a new ereader or tablet, the newest member of the NOOK family should be at the top of your list, because it costs just $49.99. For a very low price, you’ll have access not only to a full suite of apps through the Play Store, as well as a robust internet experience, but every single book in the B&N store? That’s a pretty great deal, considering it includes a huge list of affordable ebooks priced at $2.99 or less, not to mention access to B&N Readouts to help you find your next book and monthly free Serial Reads delivered right to your device. Save some money and get everything you want and more? That’s magic.

When You Need a Little Help
That $49.99 gets you something more than just a potentially infinite library of books and a fully functional tablet—it also gets you the human beings at Barnes & Noble. The B&N Advantage is simple—in-person support at all B&N stores. That means that if you’re having trouble of any kind with your nifty new NOOK Tablet 7”, there are actual human beings on hand to help you. One thing this new age of gadgets has taught all of us: having access to actual human beings is priceless. Except in this case, you know exactly how much it costs, and that’s less than fifty bucks.

Access to books is necessary. Affordable access to books that also acts as a fast and powerful tablet computer? That’s magical. Get the new NOOK Tablet 7” and bring some magic into your life.

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