5 Romance Covers We’d Like to Vacation In

It’s summer, and I think we all know what that means: vacation. Preferably a long one—somewhere beautiful. Now I don’t know about the rest of you, but I personally like to draw my vacay inspiration from basically everywhere. And currently, I’m about waist deep in my pile of romance novels, just starring at covers depicting beautiful places that I could absolutely see myself getting lost in.

Ice Blue, by Anne Stuart
My current go-to dream vacay is Japan, so I absolutely cannot get enough of Anne Stuart’s Ice Blue cover, depicting the remote and beautiful mountains of Japan. The story follows Takashi O’Brien, a half-Japanase/half Irish-American international operative, as he’s tasked with thwarting a cult by securing an ancient Japanese urn. One problem: said urn is currently in the possession of museum curator Summer, and she’s been pronounced expendable. While the entire book doesn’t takes place in Japan, the time spent in Japan is captivating. Also cover vacay worthy: every book in Staurt’s Ice series.

Under a Sardinian Sky, by Sarah Alexander
Everything about this cover invites you into it—the water, the buildings, the skyline, the cool and beautiful cover model. Sardinia, which is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea (uh, hello), should consider using this cover as a tourism poster. The story starts in the present following a London-based travel writer attempting to uncover the truth about her Sardinian aunt Carmela. But the story switches focus to Carmela, with an emotional romance that transports you away to life on a small island post WWII.

Jewels of the Sun, by Nora Roberts
Nora Roberts is known in the romance world for her beautiful, scenic covers (among many other things), and my favorite is the Irish country-side featured on Jewels of the Sun. The cover makes Ireland seem full of magic and promise, and the actual book—set in Faerie Hill Cottage, Ireland—does nothing to persuade you` from that observation. It follows Jude Murray as she researches Irish folklore and myth, with just a little help from Aidan Gallagher. And if you need more beautiful Irish landscapes, check out the other books in the Gallaghers of Ardmore Trilogy.

The Winter Lodge, by Susan Wiggs
Look, I too am normally all about that beach lifestyle. But when it starts getting extra hot outside, that snow covered mountain also starts calling my name. There’s something about the roaring fire near the frigid water that really takes my breath away in this cover. Like Nora Roberts, Susan Wiggs is known for her beautiful, scenic covers, and The Winter Lodge is the second in Wiggs’s devastatingly beautiful Lakeshore Chronicles series, all of which are set in the small lake-side town of Avalon, New York.

Hoping For Love, (Gansett Island #5), by Marie Force
I’m pretty sure I’d happily travel into any of Marie Force’s Gansett Island Covers, but none draw me in quite like Hoping for Love. Can you imagine? It’s not just the two beach chairs—it’s the two beach chairs on a totally empty beach. The fictional Gansett Island is based on Block Island, RI, and I’m pretty sure I want to live there. If you too think you’d like to take a trip to Gansett Island, I have great news: with 16 books in this series, you’ll be able to take the fictional summer-long vacation of your dreams there. For the full experience, start with number 1, Maid for Love.

What romance novel covers would you like to visit on your next vacation?

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