8 Types of People You’ll See at the Bookstore

girlbookstoreThere are so many reasons I love walking into bookstores. It’s quiet, the books smell good, you can get lost and not even care, and the people who work there leave you alone until you ask for help. It’s also a pretty great place for people-watching. Here are 8 kinds of people you’ll see at the bookstore:

The Person Who Gives You Unwanted Advice About the Book You’re Thinking About Buying: “Oh you’re thinking of buying that? I read that last year. It’s okay. My friend read it too and she hated it, but I think it’s just a book that most women wouldn’t like. You should read the other three novels the author wrote first, or that one isn’t going to make any sense. There’s like this really abrupt plot twist where you’re actively rooting for Joanne and then out of nowhere you’re like “I hate Joanne.” So anyway, I wouldn’t read it until you read the first three.” HEY, THANKS.

The Person Who Came in Just to Use the Bathroom: These people walk up the escalator instead of standing and waiting until it reaches the top. They’re also really annoyed when they enter the store, and really calm when they leave.

The Person Who is Clearly Just Passing Time: These people make a slow loop in every section, taking a long time to look at all the pictures in the coffee-table books. Then maybe they’ll see if there are any funny birthday cards at the cash register, before standing in front of the Moleskine display debating whether buying a three-pack of notebooks is too ambitious.

The Guy Who Hangs Out in the Magazine Section so He Can Hit On Girls: Seriously, it’s happened on two separate occasions. I’m telling management next time.

The Person Looking for Last-Minute Gifts: “Does he like puzzles? Would it be weird if I was like, here’s a puzzle of Rivendell for you to do? Does he even like Lord of the Rings? Should I get the Lord of the Rings trilogy for him to read first? Does that make me look like the nerd? No, I’ll get him a cookbook. Does he even cook? Doesn’t matter, now he’ll start.”

Kids Reading Books in the Aisles: Cute. Forever cute.

Person Asleep in an Arm Chair: Could also be in the Time Passer category.

People Who Rush to the Table with the Latest Harry Potter Book and Look Super Relieved When They See There Are Still Copies Left: Man, those were the days, huh? Such a rush.

What kind of person do you always see at the bookstore?

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