A Small Town with a Big Secret… Our March YA Book Club Pick is A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Secrets, lies and good intentions form a lethal concoction that runs deep through A Good Girl’s Guide to Murderour March YA Book Club pick!  We’re thrilled to have this addictive debut by author Holly Jackson, and we aren’t the only ones questioning whodunnit from start to finish:

“A fun, gripping, and skillfully constructed novel of suspense.” – Emily Arsenault, author of All the Pretty Things

“Dark, dangerous and intricately plotted—my heart literally pounded.” – Laura Steven, author of The Exact Opposite of Okay

A family’s shame, a town’s blame, and a night no one can seem to forget. Hidden deep in the whispers of this neighborly town, the story of what happened to Andie Bell depends on who you ask… A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder is a twisty crime thriller with wit that cuts through the caution tape. With a constant zigzag of he did it/she did it, Jackson has us chasing a trail of breadcrumbs until the very end.

Close this case once and for all at our next YA Book Club Friday, March 13th at 7PM. Check your local store for details.

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