April’s Best New Mysteries

While not everyone enjoys April showers, mystery lovers know there’s nothing like some good old fashioned raw and rainy noir weather to make it even more enjoyable to settle into a cozy reading nook and put on your detective hat (or your cozy detective bunny slippers). Just don’t forget to pick up one of our top mysteries for April first.

Someone Knows, by Lisa Scottoline
When Allie Garvey was a teenager, a not-so-innocent prank went wrong. Really, really wrong. About as wrong as a prank can go. She and the other kids involved have carried this dark secret with them for two decades, where at least in Allie’s case it has festered, ruining her family relationships and souring her marriage, until one of the original pranksters commits suicide on the anniversary of the event. This pushes Allie into acknowledging what happened on that dark day, and trying to get to the bottom of it. But now that this terrible, long-buried secret is out, it turns out things may not have happened exactly the way she remembers…

The Better Sister, by Alafair Burke
Sisters Chloe and Nicky Taylor could not be more different; Chloe is the ambitious, straight-A student who landed an enviable career in publishing; Nicky was the burnout who skipped college and dated questionable men—until she married up and coming attorney Adam Mackintosh and had a son with him, Ethan. And yet somehow, fifteen years later, everything has changed: Chloe is now married to Adam, and raising Ethan with him in New York City, and has little to no contact with her sister. But when Adam is found murdered at their East Hampton beach house, Ethan becomes a prime suspect, and Chloe and Nicky must join forces to protect him.

The Tale Teller (Leaphorn, Chee, and Manuelito Series #5), by Anne Hillerman
Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn may have retired from his job with the Tribal Police, but he’s pulled back into a confounding mystery when he is hired to investigate the disappearance of a traditional Navajo dress called a biil, a priceless artifact that was donated to a museum but never turned up. When a woman suspected of being related to the disappearance dies mysteriously, Leaphorn receives ominous warnings to back off from his investigation—or be subject to witchcraft. Meanwhile, Jim Chee and Barnie Manuelito are looking into a series of burglaries—and their case takes a dark turn when a woman is found dead near a widely-used running path, and the pair find themselves squaring off against the FBI. Before long, the two investigations begin to grow closer together, offering Bernie a rare and surprising opportunity.

Triple Jeopardy (Daniel Pitt Series #2), by Anne Perry
Lawyer Daniel Pitt is happy to learn of that sister Jemima and her family are back in London on a visit from the states. But he is concerned when she tells him that a good friend was assaulted while in Washington D.C., and her necklace stolen. The suspect, one Philip Sidney, is a British diplomat who fled back to London so he could claim diplomatic immunity, like a coward. But when he is charged with embezzlement, his paths cross with Daniel’s, when he ends up defending Sidney in court. As the implications of the embezzlement charges become increasingly serious, Daniel teams up with scientist Miriam fford Croft, to investigate whether his client’s crimes include those of a far more serious nature…such as murder.

The A List (An Ali Reynolds Mystery), by J. A. Jance
Ali Reynolds’ days as a well-known broadcaster may be over, but she’s living large in a new house with a new love while running a cybersecurity company in her Arizona hometown. When she learns an old friend has died, she’s drawn back into the last story she covered as a reporter; one which was meant to be a sentimental piece about a young man in need of a kidney, but instead led her down a very dark path that ended up with a prominent doctor jailed for life. Dr. Edward Gilchrist may have made his own bed (and a very evil bed at that), but he blames his downfall on a shortlist of individuals whose initials are tattooed on his arm—one of whom is Ali. He will not rest until every one of them is dead—and as it’s not that long a list, Ali and her team are up against the clock.

Murder on Trinity Place (Gaslight Mystery Series #22), by Victoria Thompson
Frank and Sarah Molloy are excited to ring in the new year at Trinity Church—it’s 1899, so the occasion is an especially momentous one—when they observe that one reveler, Mr. Pritchard, is acting oddly. The next morning he is found dead near the church. When the police refuse to take an investigation seriously, Pritchard’s family, fearing a scandal, asks the Molloys to look into it. What Frank and Sarah begin to uncover as they look closer at Pritchard’s high-society family goes far deeper than they ever imagined. The pitch-perfect period details in this evocative series alone make it worth delving into.


The Department of Sensitive Crimes: A Detective Varg Novel, by Alexander McCall Smith
Fans of the No 1. Ladies’ Detective Agency books, along with fans of gentle absurdity, will relish this series opener about a department of the Swedish Criminal Investigation Authority, the Department of Sensitive Crimes, whose jurisdiction is not-that-series crimes and not-quite-so-urgent mysteries. These include the case of the non-fatal back-of-the-knee stabbing, as well as the disappearance of an invented boyfriend. The interpersonal stories of the appealing and eccentric cast of characters take center stage; readers looking for a little humor with their mysteries will be hooked from the start.

The Diva Sweetens the Pie (Domestic Diva Series #12), by Krista Davis
It’s time for Old Town’s annual pie festival, and everyone’s excited, particularly Sophie, because not only is her rival Natasha Smith barred from participation, but she’s been asked to oversee the pie eating contest! But when its celebrity judge, Patsy Lee Presley, dies during the competition, Sophie’s friends are the main suspects—and it’s time for her to investigate! It turns out Patsy wasn’t quite as sweet as her reputation made her out to be, judging by the string of disgruntled friends and exes she left in her wake. Can Sophie serve up justice for her friends? Or are their gooses cooked?

What mysteries are you excited to read this month?

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