Marvel-ous Gift Ideas for Comic Book Readers

Whether you’re a fan of the comics, graphic novels, or movies, Marvel’s everywhere these days, and Barnes & Noble’s Get Pop Cultured month is no exception. On August 6, we’re celebrating everything that’s awesome about Marvel with a day of events and giveaways, not to mention an irresistible buy two, get the third free sale on all Marvel comics and graphic novels from July 25-August 7.

If you’re still looking for more Marvel-ous gift ideas for comic readers, look no further than the books and figurines below. Excelsior!

Civil War, by Mark Millar, Steve McNiven, Dexter Vines
You’ve seen the movie! Possibly five times! Whether you’re Team Cap or Team Iron Man, you’ll want to go to the source material for Captain America: Civil War with the graphic novel that sees the heroes of the Marvel Universe going head-to-head. A lot of comic book mega-events promise major consequences, but Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s drastically altered the superhero landscape, upending the status quo and setting the stage for years worth of stories.

Spider-Woman: Shifting Gears Vol. 1: Baby Talk, by Dennis Hopeless and Javier Rodriguez
Having a little spider in the oven hasn’t done a single thing to slow down Jessica Drew, private investigator and superhero. Her sidekicks Ben Urich and Porcupine, however, are absolutely determined to keep her from going overboard with the fighting and sleuthing. Unfortunately for Jess, though, she’s going to have to put all of her skills to the test when she winds up kidnapped and taken to an outer-space maternity hospital run by the Skrulls. Super career and a family? If anyone can pull it off, it’s Jess.

Ms. Marvel Volume 1: No Normal, by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona
Ms. Marvel kicked off a whole new wave of female superheroes at Marvel, and done so with much the same mix of teen angst and exploration that Spider-Man brought to the table decades ago. The book has been groundbreaking not just for featuring a young, Pakistani-American teenager behind the mask, but for bringing a sense of real joy and adventure to a world where the heroes are all-too-often dark and intense. Kamala Khan is a fully realized teenager (who just happens to have shape-changing superpowers) in a series in which growing up is at least as tough as facing down the bad guys.

Marvel Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, by Adam Bray and John Sazaklis
So you think you know everything about the Marvel U? What about Puddlegulp, the frog who wielded the power of Thor? Can you name all of the colorful and delicious flavors that Hulks come in? This isn’t just a dry reference manual, it’s a book of fun facts, weird anecdotes, and behind-the-scenes details: the who, what, where, why, and huh? of Marvel Comics.

Rocket and Groot: Stranded on Planet Strip Mall!, by Tom Angleberger
Never have circumstances been quite so dire for our erstwhile Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket and Groot. Having survived a deadly swarm of outer-space piranhas, our heroes find themselves stranded on a world of dry cleaners and nail salons where customer service is taken to obsessive heights. And do not stop to use the restroom. The whole place is infested with toilets that love to dine on raccoon meat. Luckily, they’re joined by Veronica, the sentient tape dispenser, on a wild, all-ages, adventure to the weirdest corner of the Marvel U.

Black Widow Forever Red, by Margaret Stohl
Black Widow might not have scored her own movie (yet), but she’s definitely the star of this new YA novel. Former spy and assassin Natasha Romonov had primed to kill Ivan Somodorov, the man who created the “Red Room” program that created the Black Widow and turned other Russians into heartless spies. Instead, she rescued young Ava from an explosion that transferred some of Natasha’s abilities to the young girl. Years later, Ivan is coming for Ava and Natasha, two women who will have to decide if the cost of revenge is too high.

Iron Man MK45 ArtFX Statue
This is a high-quality statue representing Iron Man himself (aka billionaire industrialist Tony Stark) in the Mark 45 armor that debuted during the climax of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Aside from being really pretty, he’s got his repulsors at the ready, and is set to defend your shelves, desk, or playroom from a horde of attacking Ultrons.

Black Panther Fine Art Statue
He’s not new to comics fans, but this spring’s Captain America: Civil War made T’Challa of Wakanda a breakout star among filmgoers. He’s a brilliant scientist, leader of the world’s most technologically advanced nation, and heir to a power handed down through the generations. Oh, and a global superhero and Avenger. This gorgeous statue has him crouched and ready to strike in his vibranium outfit and Panther amulet.

Beast ArtFX+ Statue
Sure, the Avengers get all the love these days, but there’s an equally venerable team in Marvel history, whether on the page or the screen. This finely detailed 1/10 scale stature represents Hank McCoy, the furry blue Beast, one of the X-Men’s founding members; a mutant who is as strong and fearsome as he is brilliantly intelligent.

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