Barnes & Noble Bookseller Danielle Patten Goes Above & Beyond

Assistant Store Manager Danielle Patten, from our store in Salem, New Hampshire (Store 2605), was selected as November’s Above & Beyond winner, and as our first quarterly winner! For this recognition, she received a letter from our Chairman Len Riggio and will be receiving a $1,000 prize.

Check out the nomination that led to her selection below:

“Each day, we are tasked with making sales, conversion, average transactionm and more. Our teams work together feverishly to make each and every customer interaction the best it can be, and every now and then as a Store Manager something happens beyond the day to day drive that shows us just how amazing our teams really are.

I arrived on Wednesday to begin my day like any other, and as soon as I was settled my ASM Danielle Patten informed me of a tragedy that had occurred in the early hours of the morning. The local Chief of Police in a nearby town had a fire break out in his home. He, his wife, two children, and dog escaped the fire, but with only the clothes they were wearing. His wife is a teacher in our town, and they are frequent shoppers at our store. This tragedy was worsened because of the road conditions. Firefighters and water tankers were delayed due to the icy conditions, as the roads had been a sheet of ice from the storm we received that day. Their home was a total loss.

Danielle and her connections within the community found out what the children’s favorite books were and made them a priority for book donations. Gail Upton, a long-time bookseller, added hats, gloves, socks, and blankets. By the end of their shifts, we had enough donations filling multiple bags—enough items to keep the family warm and the children’s favorite books back in their hands. We even had a donation of a NOOK to replace the one that the wife had lost. It brought tears to our eyes each time a donation was made. For this family’s children to have their favorite books back in their hands knowing it might bring some comfort to them on their Thanksgiving was heartwarming.

There are no words to truly express what I witnessed on a day when most are hustling and bustling to get their Thanksgiving dinner plans in order.

On Thanksgiving when I was asked what I was thankful for, all I could think of was the generosity and caring I witnessed from my team, and the impact it had on a local family. It really is what we are all about, and in the end what we do each day is about giving back—supporting our community when needed any way we can.”

Congratulations, Danielle!

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