The Barnes & Noble Podcast, and 9 More of the Best Podcasts for Bookish Types

True book lovers know it’s not enough to simply read before bed or at the beach, you’re always hungry for more. Reading everything from bestsellers to masterpieces is just one part of your reading life. You want to connect with authors online, join book clubs, and think about books during your commute. Enter the Barnes & Noble podcast! Found wherever you download your podcasts, it’s a deep collection of intimate, thoughtful conversations with authors. Imagine sitting down next to your favorite author at a dinner party and getting to ask all your burning questions with abandon. And if you’ve already binged all the B&N interviews (don’t miss recent chats with Oprah’s Book Club author Tayari Jones and Black Panther author Reginald Hudlin), here are a few more bookish podcasts we love. You can thank us when your TBR pile grows bigger!

The New York Times Book Review Podcast
Writers, editors, and critics come together on the paper of record’s podcast. If you’re trying to decide whether the bestsellers are worth reading or want to hear more from the authors who are reviewed in the Times, this is a unique window onto the literary elite.

The Secret Library
It’s rare to hear about every side of publishing, which is what makes Caroline Donahue’s show so special. Her warm, thoughtful interviews include everyone from Susan Orlean to marketing directors working behind the scenes to aspiring writers waiting in the wings.

The Audio Book Club
If leaving the house, buying wine, and making appetizers sounds like too much work, an audio book club is the perfect alternative way to enjoy the literary elements of a book club without the extroverted ones. Everyone is invited to read along with Slate’s community of likeminded people and share insights each month.

The New Yorker Radio Hour
Dive deeper into current events and the creative process with this intelligent podcast hosted by David Remnick. Combining excellent storytelling and journalism, this is a series you’ll never regret spending time on.

Writing Excuses
If you’re a reader who’s also a writer, this short podcast provides practical tips from experienced writers who understand how easy it is to find yourself without enough time to write. Get inspired and learn from their mistakes and insights with this lively roundtable discussion.

The Yarn
If you’ve ever wondered how a children’s book is made, this series of interviews takes readers behind the scenes. Illustrations, design, writing, editing, production, and marketing all play a role in what books are published and how successful they are. Learn more with this show from School Library Journal.

Michael Silverblatt is pretty much the Terry Gross of books. His interviews are legendary, and every episode includes analysis that will leave you thinking “Wow! I never would have thought of that!” This is a show for any reader who considers themselves a true bookworm.

Write Now
Writers who want to balance reading, writing, and the rest of life will enjoy this weekly podcast, which takes an honest look at the struggles and rewards of being a writer. Whether you’re a writer or someone who admires writers, this is an accessible look into the creative process.

My Dad Wrote a Porno
And if you just need a good laugh and want to dig into a book that should never have been published (!), this show is reliably hilarious. Just don’t listen at work, in public, or with small children. You will thank us.

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