It’s in the Cards: Our Best Tarot Deck Recommendations

While tarot traces back all the way to the 15th century, and divination even earlier, as with many things, they’re having a season of resurgence, and we are not mad at it! So, light up the palo santo and set your intentions because today, we’re talking tarot and diving into a few of the stunning selections you can find right in the Self Transformation section of your local B&N. And don’t worry if you’re no pro, each of these decks tells its own story before it even tells yours, with an introductory booklet to help guide you and translate as you pull each spread. Here are our recommendations for some of the best tarot decks we have to offer!

The Modern Witch Tarot Deck
Lisa Sterle, Vita Ayala (Foreword by)

The perfect deck for the millennial or Gen Z witch and beginners of tarot! Illustrator Lisa Sterle’s Modern Witch Tarot Deck is a modern take on the classic Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck featuring diverse illustrations of different races and body types, in a fashionable package. Of all the decks we’re featuring, this deck uses a thicker, glossy cardstock which makes for a very sturdy deck. Overflowing with female empowerment, this modern deck is current with the times and, overall, just cute as a button – a B&N favorite!

Modern Witch Journal
Lisa Sterle

The perfect companion to the Modern Witch Tarot Deck is The Modern Witch Journal which is a great way to keep track of your spreads. Readers can fill it with inspiring thoughts, card meanings and interpretations. There are so many connections between tarot and astrology so reflect on how a card relates to your sign and jot down your notes.

The Luna Sol Tarot 
Darren Shill, Mike Medaglia

Created by Darren Shill and Mike Medaglia, The Luna Sol Tarot is a beautiful deck with light and airy illustrations. The art and symbolism of each card are soft, gentle, cozy, and with muted colors, leaving readers feeling very inspired. Unlike the other decks, this cardstock has a matte finish, which will be ideal for photographs, and the imagery in this deck is great for beginners to help them understand the meaning of each card. This deck features two exclusive cards for Wu Wei and Duality.

White Numen: A Sacred Animal Tarot
AlbaBG, David Orellana (Foreword by)

Numen means “spirit or divine power presiding over a thing or place.” With contemporary illustrations featuring powerful women, the White Numen tarot deck is made for a powerful woman. While most of the cards feature human depictions, Alba Ballesta González’s illustrations are designed to help the reader form a connection between the natural and the spiritual. The cards in this deck are glossy and flexible with fun, vivid colors in the illustrations, with each suit sharing its own color scheme. The deck also comes with two bonus cards — the White Numen and the Black numen.

The Cosmic Slumber Tarot
Tillie Walden

“If the universe were to sleep, where would her dreams lead?” The title of this deck is absolutely perfect because these cards feel like you’re being transported into a dream. Award-winning artist and graphic novelist Tillie Walden brings us this vibrant, beautiful and spellbinding deck influenced by Manga and the art of Studio Ghibli. Comic book and graphic novel fans will love The Cosmic Slumber Tarot deck! The box comes with a magnetic panel at the bottom that keeps your deck nice and secure, as well as two bonus cards – The Morning and The Night.

The New Chapter Tarot
Kathryn Briggs, Rachel Pollack (Foreword by)

Beautifully painted by Kathryn Briggs as a means to cope with life’s unexpected hurdles, each card in this deck serves as the perfect companion to aid in a period of transition. These cards are smaller than your average tarot deck, yet fairly thick and larger than a deck of playing cards. With many Greek-inspired, abstract illustrations rich in color, Briggs gives us a very different interpretation of the tarot’s traditional illustrations. Calming, meditative and powerful, the story of this deck — as outlined in the introductory booklet — will feel very personal and relatable to many. Gratitude and Invocation are the bonus cards that come with this deck.


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