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Book Lovers Rejoice! It’s Time for Book Haul! 

Whether you’re a book collector or someone who only buys books on occasion, I think we can all agree that the best time to buy books is when they’re on sale. Personally, I fall into the book collector category, firmly believing that there’s no such thing as too many books … just too few bookshelves. In fact, just a few weeks ago, I spent my evening cataloging all my books into an app, and my personal libraries are currently bursting with 635 books (and counting).  

One of my favorite times of year to increase the number of books on my shelves is during our annual Book Haul sale, when select hardcovers are discounted to 50% off. Last year, I spent the whole summer trying to convince myself to hold off on buying the stunning graphic novel adaptation of Jason Reynold’s book, Long Way Down. But when I was surprised by the fact that it was included in the sale, my shelf-control flew straight out the bookstore doors and so did a copy of my very own. 

I love using Book Haul as a time to stock up on the books I’ve been anticipating but have been waiting to buy. While I never know if the ones I want to buy will be on sale until I walk in the door, each year I find at least one of my highly anticipated books on sale, and my shelves gain a new friend.  

Book Haul for me is a time of discovery, a time to pause at the displays of books, browsing and weighing my options. It’s the time of year when I throw away my normal rules of basketless shopping and peruse the store with a heavy basket full of books dangling from my arm.  

There are so many titles I’ve already read and loved this year—I’m looking at you, Portrait of a Thief and Wings of Ebonyand there are others like Debating Darcy that I’ve been wanting to read but haven’t yet added to my collection. Will Book Haul be the time I do it? There’s a strong chance it will join my shelves before Book Haul ends! 

With books for every type and every age of reader, Book Haul is a time for everyone to come and find books to fit their whimsy. Get ready to go on your own journey full of discovery, discounts and beloved stories that you’ll fall in love with!