Book Nerd Tweets of the Week: Book Hoarders Unite!

Let’s start this week’s rundown of some our favorite geeky book tweets with an important reminder:

Did you hear that, mom? I’M BUSY. But what to read?

That would work. Or maybe some comics?

Totes adorbs. But you know what’s not cute? Making fun of the clumsy and easily distracted. We have feelings. And bruises:

So many bruises.

Try not to pull a neuron:

Meanwhile, a bit of inspiration for aspiring writers:

On the reading life:

How many books that I haven’t read yet is it OK to own? At what point does it stop being cute and just become hoarding? Asking for a friend.

#GamerBooks was a trending hashtag during the past week. Here are a few faves, including a couple of our own:

Finally, a trip to the past with Oxford University’s Boolean Library:

Who’s rocking your twitter world?

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