The Book Nerd’s Guide to the Lies I Have Told

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Forgive me, dear reader, for I have sinned. Many times. Many, many times. I have told many untruths, spread many falsehoods, been overall dishonest about that which I consider so sacred: books.

It is not with malice that I have committed these misdeeds. On the contrary, most often, they have been intended to shield others from harm or disappointment, or to preserve the credentials I alone believe I possess.

To atone, I present just some of the myriad lies I have told to perfectly ordinary strangers, to beloved friends and family, and to more than one presumptive coworker. For context, I have added the truths they hide.

“I’ve never read it all the way through, but I’ve read parts.”
I have never read that book, but I have seen it mentioned on many best-of lists, and I feel more than slightly ashamed that I haven’t read it. None of this has compelled me to pick up the book, but I have read its cover blurb several times as I’ve added it to then removed it from my online shopping basket.

“I love [insert author]!”
Ah, yes, that author is either trendy or beloved and their works have languished in various to-read lists I have compiled and left for dead. I have no idea if I’ll ever read their books, or if I’ll appreciate them, but I recently read a think piece they published that I agreed with, and I follow them on Twitter.

“Oh, me? I read just about everything.”
I read several genres, but there are just as many that I either can’t stand or have no interest in determining whether I can stand. I am afraid of alienating you, however, so I’m going to make a blanket statement that is true of virtually no one. Now, please throw out a handful of authors, and I will proceed to tell you if I’ve ever read any of their books. (But see point one: I might lie.)

“The book was way better than the movie.”
I have never read the book this movie is based on. Even though I greatly enjoyed this movie, I feel safe enough, after years of similar experiences, in saying the written work is better, even though there is a good chance I will never confirm this sentiment.

“I don’t know where my copy is. I must have loaned it out.”
I know where every copy of every book I own resides. They do not leave my house because I trust no one, and I am not about to make an exception for you, no matter how responsible you seem. I have examined your behavior over the last several months and have identified at least three flaws, which I’ve promptly exaggerated in my head and categorized as full-blown psychoses.

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