Book Your Black Friday with Barnes & Noble

Black Friday is the perfect time to get a jump on your holiday shopping, and if you’ve got book lovers on your shopping list (including yourself!), Barnes & Noble should be your destination of choice this year.

To reward you for venturing out in the cold the day after Thanksgiving, we’re offering our biggest deal on the biggest books of the season, as well as terrific savings on gifts for the whole family. Whether you’re shopping for friends, a partner, your parents, or the kids—or if you’re just looking to add some I’ve-been-meaning-to-read-that tales to your TBR pile—Barnes & Noble is True North for bookworms this Black Friday. You can browse our covetable collector’s editions, pick up helpful guides for young gamers, find the perfect gift for your favorite LEGO fan, shop our top Funko Pops, and build out your favorite kid’s library with 5-Minute Story collections—plus, we have coffee, and you’re going to need plenty of it to power through your day.

The Season’s Biggest Books

B&N is making it easy to book your Black Friday by offering some of the season’s biggest books at our deepest discount ever—you simply won’t find lower prices than this. From popular fiction to children’s fantasy adventure, there’s something on the pile for everyone, making it the perfect opportunity to make happy readers of everyone on your shopping list. Bring your sturdiest tote (or enlist your sturdiest friends and bribe them with a peppermint mocha) because the prices may be light, but books are still heavy.

Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions

If you’re a book collector, we probably don’t have to tell you about our beautiful assortment of Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions—impeccably curated, beautifully designed, and bound for posterity, they make an eye-catching addition to any bookshelf. We have a fabulous assortment of classic titles spanning genres, from classic fiction, to sci-fi & fantasy, to children’s favorites, which means no reader (or gift-buyer) can afford to miss our special offer on Collectible Editions, kicking in on Black Friday.


LEGO fans need look no further than B&N for their next brick fix. Sets on sale for Black Friday include some very popular favorites, including the epic Hogwarts Clock Tower from Harry Potter, a posable figure of Star WarsJedi Master Yoda, and Frozen‘s Arendelle Castle—just to name a few. Whatever your LEGO fan is into, one thing is certain: there’s a fantastic set to keep every builder busy over the holidays.

Games, Games, Games!

Let B&N help you revitalize family game night! Some of our best-loved games—from the hilarious kid-favorite Dog Man Attack of the Fleas, to the modern, super-sized version of everyone’s favorite mystery game, Clue Master Detective—are on sale for Black Friday. Stock up on old favorites or add a few new games into rotation, like the exciting fantasy storytelling epic Call to Adventure, or the mind-bending psychic party game Medium.

5-Minute Stories

If your young reader hasn’t yet been introduced to the 5-Minute Stories universe, our Black Friday sale is the perfect time to get them hooked. These colorfully illustrated, fast-paced and bite-sized tales make perfect bedtime reading, and they’re all on sale this Black Friday. With books featuring a host of popular characters and franchises, from Frozen, to Marvel, to Pete the Cat, there’s a collection for every little reader in your life. Each tale is filled with action and adventure, beloved characters, and rich, textured storytelling to help boost young vocabularies. Expand your home library or add to your current collection with a bevy of 5 Minute Stories.

Gamer Guides

If your young reader is also a gamer, fear not—top guides for gamers are also on sale. Help fans of Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnight and more take a break from gaming to brush up on their strategy, knowledge, and expertise. And for Pokémon fans, the comprehensive Super Deluxe Essential Handbook is revised and updated, with stats and facts on over 800 characters, and full-color illustrations. Encourage budding gamers to dig deeper into their latest obsession with guides that offer tips, tricks, and insider info. Gamer guides are a perfect way to encourage reluctant readers to use books to discover new depths and unlock hidden secrets in their favorite games—making an old game new again.

Head to your local B&N the day after Thanksgiving and book your Black Friday!

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