Celebrate Maker Faire with 8 Books to Encourage Young Computer Geniuses

Maker Faire

When you clean out the backseat of your car, do you find miniature circuit boards mixed in with the crumbs? Is there a constant hum of video game music playing in your house? Do your kids dream about Minecraft? Maker families are invited to explore Barnes & Noble’s Mini Maker Faire November 5th and 6th. With demos, workshops, and project ideas galore, young programmers, graphic designers, and other tech-heads will feel right at home. Already excited? Check out one of the books below! They’re designed to inspire your resident genius’s next great idea—and they’re exclusive to Barnes & Noble!

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi
New to programming? Raspberry Pi is the perfect way to get started, and this book is a simple introduction. Kids will learn how to do everything from setting up a Pi to recording their own songs. They can even use Python to develop their own Minecraft masterpieces. This berry is ripe with possibilities, and this guide will help make the first steps kids take a success.

Writing Computer Code
Programming is about more than memorizing a series of zeros and ones. It’s about learning to speak the language of computers. This accessible introduction teaches kids to write a script that produces an online robot that makes it easy to visualize the effects of each line of code. Young programmers can customize their bot’s shapes and colors, and even teach it to dance!

Getting Started with Coding
This book teaches new programmers more skills, including how to create a drawing tool, animate graphics, and add a timer to applications. The simple, classroom-tested activities encourage confidence and build a foundation of knowledge that give young coders the freedom to design any digi-wonder they can dream of.

Making YouTube Videos
Whether your kids are drama queens, young activists, or pint-sized mad scientists, their future is video. YouTube is where  people go to express themselves and connect with others. This exclusive title shows kids how to star in their own videos and post them online. There are digital tips and tricks and ideas for creating content. In no time, kids will be ready to host their own channel!

Modding Minecraft
An octopus-shaped skyscraper? Sure. World’s best tree fort? Why not! A loop-de-loop rollercoaster made of gold? YES! All this and more!!! The mega game Minecraft has been proven to improve abstract thinking, spatial reasoning, and creativity in players young and old. If the builders in your house are obsessed, grab a copy of this book while you’re at the Maker Faire. It’s packed with ideas and pro tips to help kids design their own totally unique mods—whatever crazy shape they might take.

Building a Minecraft City
Depending on their personal aesthetic and obsessions, Minecraft fans can build surreal structures or mind bogglingly realistic cities. Some cities take years to build. If your kiddo is looking for ways to speed up construction just a bit, this exclusive book is here to help. Author Sarah Guthalas invites players to go deeper into the world of blocks, try new techniques, and build something totally fresh—without requiring two years of construction!

Creating Digital Animations
Imagine. Program. Share. That’s what Scratch is all about. It’s a simple language designed to help kids create and share stories, animations, and games. This book teaches the basics and more, with step-by-step instructions that show young makers how to turn their ideas into real programs, with sound effects, animation, and lots of other fun bells and whistles. If that doesn’t scratch their programming itch, nothing will!

Designing Digital Games
With a little Scratch know-how, young designers can create a game from the ground up. This book includes three simple projects that produce impressive results. Readers will learn how to design a digital pet snake, build a maze, and develop a game. By encouraging kids to create their own engaging graphics, this book makes computer time active, not passive!

To learn more about the Barnes & Noble Maker Faire, click here! We hope to see you there!

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