Check Out This Striking Cover Design for Fahrenheit 451

fahrenheit451bookcover-980x730Fahrenheit 451 is Ray Bradbury’s quintessential dystopian sci-fi novel, set in a future where literature has not only been abandoned, but outlawed entirely. In this world, it is the job of firemen to burn any remaining books that are found, not to mention the houses in which they were found. The story follows one such fireman, Guy Montag, who–as dystopian heroes are wont to do–starts to question the whole deal and his place in it.

The title comes from the temperature at which paper burns, and if you’ve had any thoughts about testing that claim, this cover design concept by graphic artist Elizabeth Perez could make it very easy for you. She’s screen-printed the book’s spine with match striking paper, in order to, as she says on her website, “spread the book-burning message to the book itself.” So if the book inspires you to set some fires of your own, she’s got you covered, provided you’ve got a match and also that you’ve missed the point of the story completely.

It’s a neat design, capturing the theme of the book in a simple, powerful way. The cover was created for the portfolio school The Austin Creative Department, so no word yet on whether Ballantine, Fahrenheit 451’s publisher, has any plans to make this design a reality. If they did, it would certainly make a great companion piece to the limited-edition 1953 printing of the book–that one was bound in fireproof asbestos!

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