Christine Feehan’s Shadow Rider is One Hot Ride

Naughty. Unbelievably steamy and naughty.  That’s what I said to a friend after I finished the first book in Feehan’s Shadow series, Shadow Rider.

But honestly, that’s tame compared to what it really is. It is beyond sexy, and I mean BEYOND. I should have kept a towel next to my chair as I read it, and a fan, just so I could wipe my feverish brow and fan myself as the sweat poured from my face. Yes, it’s summer, but believe me, the weather had nothing to do with it.

So before we go any further, if you are on the prudish side or squirm (in a bad way) when you encounter bondage or dirty talk, this might be a book that pushes your envelope. I’m not going to lie, there were times that I looked away from a page and thought, “I can’t believe that just happened!”

But then I turned that page. And I kept on turning pages, because the sexual tension between Francesca and Stefano is unreal. Francesca is the new girl in town with a secret, who has caught the eye of the powerful and terrifying Stefano Ferraro. He instantly wants her, but she doesn’t know why. That is, until she learns they have something in common—their ability to ride shadows.

Now, I’m usually not a fan at all of paranormal stories. I run away from anything that mentions a “portal” or “another dimension.” But this story appealed even to me. Its paranormal elements are much more subtle, and at its core, it’s a sexy love story about two people dealing with the pain of the choices they have made in their lives. Their shadows and bodies are drawn to each other in a unique way that made the paranormal aspect much more enjoyable.

And there’s a compelling mystery woven through the novel. One that you are certain is going to end badly, but it still has you turning the pages to see how it all plays out.

I did find myself wishing that Francesca had stood up for herself more. And be warned, this isn’t a book for someone who feels uncomfortable with domineering men. But I also understand the attractiveness that comes from a powerful, sexy, and aggressive alpha male. And, because Stefano’s possessiveness of Francesca came from a place of protection, I just let myself be whisked away into their fierce struggles and their passionate story.

So if you are a fan of naughty, naughty reads, especially ones that give Fifty Shades of Grey some pretty stiff competition, then don’t miss Shadow Rider. And get a fan, while you’re at it. You’re going to need it.

What’s your favorite new steamy read? 

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