Classic Books Re-Dramatized as Lifetime Original Movies

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Dear Lifetime Movie Network,
We’ve got ideas! They involve: drama, murder, adultery (LOTS of adultery—everyone’s cheating on everyone), fancy parties, a trial, a verdict, lost boys, sisters, a plane crash, blood, caves, a baby, Puritans, hedonists, hunchbacks, someone named Nick, and MORE SO MUCH MORE.
Call Meredith Baxter-Birney! Call Melissa Joan Hart! Call Tori Spelling! The classics have now been reimagined into the thrilling movies your Aunt Marge won’t be able to stop watching and forcing you to talk about. Here are the classics you know and love, reimagined as Lifetime made-for-TV movies:

To Kill a Mockingbird
Lifetime Movie Version: He Stood Alone
In a town fraught with racism and social injustice, Atticus Finch struggles to teach his two children about the nature of good and evil. When he agrees to defend an African-American man against a false accusation, he and his family must endure the repercussions of his decision. As secrets are uncovered and mysterious figures come out of the shadows, the children find that not everything is as it seems.

Lord of the Flies
Lifetime Movie Version: When Children Kill
A horrific plane crash strands a group of young boys on a deserted island. Cold, starving, and scared, the children must learn how to survive in a brave new world of conch shells and asthmar. As friends are made and foes revealed, the boys find themselves faced with a sinister truth they never could’ve expected: the greatest enemy they’ll ever face is the one inside their own twisted little hearts.

The Great Gatsby
Lifetime Movie Version: A Toast…to Deception
When Nick moves to New York, he’s thrust into an extravagant world of money, privilege, and lust. Is this the American dream…or nightmare? Once he meets the mysterious Jay Gatsby, he begins to see that all that glitters is not gold. Together, the two men move through a world of parties, love affairs, cars, mistaken identities, guns, and tragedy—the course of which will change their lives forever.

The Scarlet Letter
Lifetime Movie Version: I Came in Like a Wrecking Ball: The Hester Prynne Story
Cast out of her Puritan settlement and forced to wear a scarlet “A” for adultery, Hester Prynne’s problems have only just begun. Yet, even when faced with public ridicule and the prospect of being forever a pariah, she refuses to name her child’s father. As years pass and the secret Hester holds becomes dangerously close to being revealed, her lover finds himself tormented by their affair. Are they strong enough to meet their sin head on, or are they headed for disaster?

Little Women
Lifetime Movie Version: Little Women, Big Dreams
When their father is cruelly ripped from their home to fulfill his duty to his country, the March girls must learn how to fend for themselves in an ever-changing world that isn’t fond of the fairer sex. Led by plucky Jo, the girls endure the struggles of poverty with brave faces and strong backbones, yet are torn between their duties and their dreams. As they endeavor to stay true to themselves through the hardships of growing up, they find that family and wealthy neighbors will never let them down.

Lifetime Movie Version: Thicker than Water
A young lawyer visits the castle of a mysterious nobleman and finds himself trapped in a prison of bloodlust. Meanwhile, his fiancée and her cohorts gather together to fight the embodiment of immortal evil that has been preying on one of their own. The supernatural terror known as “vampire” has descended upon them all—can they escape? Will they survive? Is there enough garlic to go around? Or are they all just prey, waiting to be consumed?

The Secret Garden
Lifetime Movie Version: Sowing the Seeds of Grief
After losing both her parents to cholera, Mary Lennox is shipped off to live with her only known relative—her mysterious Uncle Archibald, a miserable hunchback who has turned away from the world and locked himself inside an impenetrable fortress of tears. She quickly finds herself surrounded by the ruins of Archibald’s estate, including several dead and overgrown gardens and a little boy the world has forgotten. Can the love of a little girl bring Archibald’s garden—and his heart—back from the brink?

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Lifetime Movie Version: Murder on the Mississippi
Raised on the Mississippi River, Tom leads a life of leisure thanks to a heaping dose of good, old-fashioned charm. But when he and the local homeless boy witness a brutal murder, they must decide whether to run for their lives or stay and stand up for what’s right. With only their wits (and their friend, Jim) to guide them, the best friends learn the valuable life lesson that when you try to outrun the things you fear, you can only end up in one place—lost in a cave.

What would your favorite book be called if it were reimagined as a Lifetime movie?

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