Espari: Handcrafted, One-of-a Kind Dolls Exclusive to Barnes & Noble

espari™ dolls are fresh, modern, and beautiful—the perfect gift for today’s girl. Eighteen inches tall, these handcrafted dolls feature stunning face sculpts. Each doll is beautifully dressed in fashions that aren’t only trendy, but also reversible, customizable, and transformational. espari™ dolls make a unique present for the one-of-a-kind girls on your list.

 Lily Ria (Barnes & Noble exclusive)
Lily Ria has brown hair and brown eyes. She’s ready for a weekend adventure or an after-school activity in her reversible puffy vest, long-sleeved gray t-shirt emblazoned with a gold star, and striped leggings. Her trendy sneakers are included.

Marnie (Barnes & Noble exclusive)
Marnie has black hair and brown eyes. She’s dressed for a fancy occasion in her reversible dress (pink on one side, pink and white on the other), cute headband, and purple shoes.

Kayumi (Barnes & Noble exclusive)
Kayumi has blond hair and blue eyes. If she’s headed to a tea party, her pink dress can be worn short; if she’s been invited to a formal gala, an extension turns her dress into a ball gown. Accessorize her with the included gold evening bag and pink shoes. If it gets cold, she can throw on her capelet.

Annalyn (Barnes & Noble exclusive)
Annalyn has red hair and green eyes. She’s ready for the cold weather in her navy peacoat, polka-dotted dress, navy tights, and Mary Jane shoes.

espari™ fashions and accessories are on-point and trendy. Best of all, they’re reversible and customizable, so you get dozens of outfit options.

espari™ Doll Fashion: Smart Casual (Barnes & Noble exclusive)
This set includes everything a girl needs for a day at school, or for hanging out with her friends: a reversible tank top, blazer, blue jeans, jewelry, and flats.

espari™ Doll Fashion: Pretty Plaid (Barnes & Noble exclusive)
The Pretty Plaid set includes a denim jacket, cute black tam, pearl bracelet, shoes, boots, and socks…and an adorable green-and-red plaid dress that turns into a red velvet holiday dress, perfect for any parties your child’s espari doll will be tagging along to.

espari™ Doll Fashion: Ice Skater (Barnes & Noble exclusive)
This lavender, silver, and ivory set includes workout and performance clothes and tiny ice skates for a fashionable day on the pond or at the rink.

This holiday season, give your favorite doll-lover a new friend she’ll love. Give her an espari™ doll, available only at Barnes & Noble.

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