Explore the Many Worlds of Stephen King—With Your Ears

At Barnes & Noble, the past few months have been, for us, the Summer of Stephen King.

Even as we eagerly anticipate the arrival of his new novel The Institute on September 10, we’ve been spending our days celebrating the many worlds King has already created.

One of the pleasures that shouldn’t be forgotten is that King novels don’t just make for darkly magical reading: they also make for marvelous listening.

Here are excerpts from three of King’s most compelling works that are as thrilling in audio as they are on the page—and often in an entirely different way.

Misery, 1987

Doctor Sleep, 2013

11/22/63, 2011

And if you’re a King fan, don’t miss our podcast limited series King of the Dark—a journey through the most enthralling of Stephen King’s imaginative worlds with special guests Louis Peitzman and Liz Braswell—starting with his explosive debut Carrie and working up to the present day. Listen to the first episode here:

And you can find all the episodes of King of the Dark here—the series is still ongoing, even as summer wanes.

Celebrate the Summer of Stephen King at Barnes & Noble

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