February’s Best New Mysteries

February may be a bleak month in a bleak season, but mysteries were made for bleak weather! To celebrate freezing temperatures and still-too-short days, we’ve got some brilliant whodunits for you this month, gumshoes. Pile on another lap blanket as you settle into your favorite armchair, and lose yourself in one or two of our eight favorite new mysteries for February.

Connections in Death, by J. D. Rob
Eve Dallas and her billionaire husband Roarke are fans of giving back. That’s why they’re building a new school and shelter for troubled kids who need a second chance. They’ve enlisted the help of Dr. Rochelle Pickering, a psychologist who has experience in this area, having helped support her brother Lyle, whose life had been hurtling down a path of drug addiction and crime before he managed to get himself clean. But before long Lyle is found dead, a needle in his lap. It seems like an open and shut case of relapse, but something doesn’t add up for Eve, who is soon able to prove that actually, Lyle’s demise was not by his own hand.

The Wedding Guest (Alex Delaware #34), by Jonathan Kellerman
Fans of Kellerman’s Alex Delaware series know that no one is better at delving into a criminal’s twisted mind than the brilliant psychologist. Delaware’s pal, detective Milo Sturgis, is called to investigate a grisly murder that took place during a wedding reception that possibly got just a bit out of control at a former strip club. When a well-dressed female guest is found with her throat slashed, it’s up to this intuitive duo to narrow down the suspects from a list of 100 invitees, none of whom will cop to actually knowing the victim.

The Chocolate Cream Pie Murder (Hannah Swensen Series #24), by Joanne Fluke
The honeymoon is over for newlywed and bakery owner Hannah Swensen, whose life has fallen to pieces not long after her celebrated nuptials. The Cookie Jar has been chosen as the setting for an exciting television special, but to Hannah’s chagrin it’s her own personal life, rather than her bakery, that’s taken center stage. Gossip is spreading like wildfire in Lake Eden and it’s not helping that Hannah has received a visit from an ex she’s on less than good terms with. Worse, she’s being followed everywhere by a bunch of bodyguards ever since a victim turned up…in her bedroom. Camped out in her mother Delores’s penthouse, Hannah must team up with a former flame to solve a deadly mystery.

The Lost Man, by Jane Harper
Nathan and Bub Bright are brothers whose properties adjoin each other—but because this is the Australian outback, they live a three-hour drive from one another—and are each other’s closest neighbors. There they find the body of their third brother, middle child Cameron. Cameron ran the family homestead, and his passing leaves behind a grieving family. His death is a mystery, and there are few clues to what led Cameron to head out across the brutal landscape alone. All Nathan and Bub know is that there is a dearth of suspects in this sparsely populated part of the world, and their investigation into Cameron’s death begins to unearth family secrets that may have been best left buried.

A Justified Murder, by Jude Deveraux
In the second book in Deveraux’s hit new mystery series, trio Sara, Kate, and Jack find themselves entangled in another murder mystery—but this time, the trio has decided to leave sleuthing to the professionals, having suffered too close a call the last time they got involved in solving a murder. But when a lovely older woman named Janet Beeson is found shot, stabbed and poisoned, the townspeople of Lachlan (and even the local sherrif!) decide that the residents who solved the infamous Morris murders should be the ones investigating this heinous new crime.

The Black Ascot, by Charles Todd
Inspector Ian Rutledge receives a tip that just might be enough to reopen the search for Alan Barrington, the suspect in a terrible murder who has managed to disappear for ten years. As Rutledge pursues the cold case, he begins to believe that Barrington may be back in England, giving investigators a priceless opportunity to finally apprehend him. But as he continues to dig into the mind of a ruthless killer, he finds his own sanity coming into question as the long-buried demons of his past are shaken loose.

The Vanishing Man: A Prequel to the Charles Lenox Series, by Charles Finch
The second novel in a prequel trilogy to the Charles Lenox Victorian series opens with the theft of a valuable painting from the home of the Duke of Dorset. But as Charles Lenox discovers when called to the scene of the crime, the thieves missed an even more valuable painting, and he’s concerned that they’ll come back for it. When they do, they add ‘murder’ to their list of crimes, and Lenox finds himself a party to a dreadful secret that the venerable Dorset family will do anything to protect. Fans of Charles Lenox will relish reading about his early exploits as a hungry young detective early in his career.

Careless Love: A DCI Banks Novel, by Peter Robinson
Two bodies turn up under very peculiar circumstances with no clear explanation behind their deaths in the newest novel in the riveting 25th novel in the Inspector Alan Banks series. One, a young woman, is discovered in an abandoned car in the middle of nowhere. But she doesn’t drive—doesn’t even have a license. Then an older gentleman is found in the woods, presumably he died from a fall during a hike, but why is he dressed in business clothes? The eerie and confounding details continue to add up until a surprising tip leads back to a very old—and very cruel—enemy.

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