A Response to J.K. Rowling’s Brilliant Evil Rewrite of the Harry Potter Series

Rowling and Potter

J.K. Rowling’s hilarious, perfect response to a reader’s heartfelt wish for a look at Harry Potter through Draco Malfoy’s eyes is currently sweeping the nation.

Which made us wonder: what other classic book titles could be improved by a change of perspective? We have a few suggestions:

The Meddling Kids of District 12
The Hunger Games, as narrated by President Snow

Detachment Parenting: A Memoir
The Twilight saga, as narrated by Officer Charlie Swan

A Charming Season in a Charming Town
Pride and Prejudice, as narrated by Charles Bingley

There’s No Wrong Way to Marry a March
Little Women, as narrated by Laurie

The Taming of the Shrew, Interrupted
Gone With the Wind, as narrated by Rhett Butler

 The Bad Seed
The Giving Tree, as narrated by the Tree

The Great Lark (And the Thing We Don’t Talk About)
The Great Gatsby, as narrated by Daisy

This Is Why I Don’t Come Home for Christmas
Oedipus Rex, as narrated by Antigone

It’s Good to Be King
A Storm of Swords, as narrated by Joffrey Baratheon

 What book would you want to see rewritten from another character’s perspective?

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