James Patterson’s BookShots are Perfect for Busy Readers

The benefits and pleasures of reading are indisputable, and for us bookworms, fitting in some time to read, regardless of how hectic our schedules are, is of paramount importance. Still, during those days (okay, months…fine, years!) when it seems like work, family, and other related obligations take up most of your spare time, the idea of picking up a full-length novel can seem more daunting than fun.

Fortunately, author James Patterson has come to the rescue. His new BookShots series is a selection of fast-paced stories featuring the same compelling and dynamic narratives readers have come to expect from his full-length novels—but at 150 pages a pop, BookShots can be finished in just a few hours. Most exciting of all, BookShots feature many of Patterson’s most beloved characters, from Detective Michael Bennet, to the gumshoes of the Women’s Murder Club, to Alex Cross himself. With everything from perilous thrillers to steamy romances (in the BookShots Flames series), there’s something for everyone.

Cross Kill
Alex Cross is certain that the vicious killer from Along Came a Spider, Gary Soneji, is good and dead. After all, Alex watched him die. But now that Alex has also watched Soneji gun down his partner, he’s not so sure of his facts. Is Soneji an evil spirit now? Or worse? Find out the startling truth in Cross Kill.

Woman’s Murder Club: The Trial
The good news is that an accused murderer named Kingfisher is about to go on trial for his life. The bad news? In the lead-up to the trial, everyone serving on the case, from lawyers to jurors to police, is subjected to terrible violence. Can Detective Lindsay Boxer and the Women’s Murder Club stem the tide?

Chase: A Michael Bennet Story
Detective Michael Bennet is on the scene of a suspected suicide that begins to look suspiciously like a murder once the victim is revealed to have someone else’s fingerprints, and ten thousand dollars in cash. With its riveting premise and beloved protagonist, Chase will hook Bennet fans (and everyone else!) from page one.

Zoo 2
Patterson’s hugely successful thriller Zoo brought us a world in which the future of humanity is in question, thanks to a growing number of eerily coordinated and vicious animal attacks. Now the scary thrills are back in Zoo 2—except this time, select humans are beginning to evolve into a new species to counter the onslaught. What could go wrong?

Little Black Dress
Shy, unassuming magazine editor Jane Avery isn’t much interested in a night on the town, until the Dress comes into her life. Suddenly she’s gallivanting across New York City in a hedonistic frenzy. That is, until she goes too far, and her fantasy becomes her nightmare.

The McCullagh Inn in Maine
Chelsea O’Kane flees to Maine for a much-needed fresh start, but when she runs into her old flame, Jeremy Holland, she realizes that escaping the past is going to be harder than she thought. As Jeremy begins helping her fix up her inn, Chelsea starts to wonder whether someone from her past might actually turn out to be her future.

Learning to Ride
Tanner Callen is a rodeo champ, but that doesn’t stop him from appreciating the finer things in life— especially when they come in the form of beautiful city slicker Madeline Harper. When the two hit it off at a honky-tonk, it seems like a match made to last twenty-four hours or less. But before long, Tanner starts to wonder whether he can ever let Madeline go.

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