July 5: Time Travel With Outlander

On July 5, head to your local B&N for a lively discussion about Outlanderthe blockbuster time-traveling saga featuring Claire, a World War II-era nurse, and her two husbands: Frank, an M16 officer, and Jamie, an 18th-century Scotsman. We want to hear all of your thoughts on this series and its Starz adaptation. How did you first discover the book? What are your thoughts about the TV show? What do you love about Diana Galbadon’s writing? Is time travel really plausible? And if so, what time period and location would you transport yourself to? Come on in to discuss these questions and more, and to test yourself with a trivia quiz. Also, enter for a chance to win an Outlander prize pack consisting of Outlander Season 1, Volume 1, a copy of the Outlandish Companionand an Outlander Starz poster.

In addition to the in-store experience, we’re thrilled to announce a special Twitter Chat with Outlander author Diana Gabaldon that is scheduled for Sunday, July 5, at 2pm EST. Customers are encouraged to join in @BNBuzz on Twitter or use #BNOutlanderChat to participate. Here’s how it works: Starting 6/25, fans can tweet their Outlander questions to Diana Gabaldon using #BNOutlanderChat. Barnes & Noble’s social media team will deliver those questions directly to the author who will answer a selection of them during her live chat on July 5. Tweet your questions now!

Also, on Sunday, July 5 ONLY—download Season One, Episode 1 of OUTLANDER (“Sassenach”) FREE on NOOK Video.

To get yourself ready for the event and immerse yourselves in Diana Gabaldon’s fictional world, we recommend the following books, DVDs, and music.

Outlander Season One, Volume One
As popular as the original novel was, the television adaptation of Outlander has become a bona-fide phenomenon; appointment viewing for millions of people around the world. Now you can relive some of your favorite moments from Season One of the show any time you want with this DVD collection. Featuring the first eight episodes from the first season, you can once again accompany Claire Randall as she accidentally travels from 1945 to 1743 Scotland and meets Jamie Fraser, beginning an epic adventure and romance for the ages. DVD set also includes the special features “Outlander: An Epic Adaptation” and “Authentic In Design: The Dresses & Kilts Of Outlander.”

Outlander The Series: Original Television Soundtrack, Vol 1
Music is as important as visuals when it comes to our emotional connection to our own lives as well as the art we enjoy. Outlander the TV series has featured some of the most emotionally perfect music of any modern television adaptation, created by celebrated composer Bear McCreary. With nearly an hour of original music including an extended version of the series main title theme, this special red marble vinyl edition is ideal for audiophiles who know what special qualities vinyl brings to great soundtracks, delivering warm, rich tones to the music that can sometimes be lost in a digital world. Travel back in time two ways with this fantastic album, and relive the emotional journey of Claire Randall all over again.

The Outlandish Companion, by Diana Gabaldon
This huge, dense, and entertaining companion to all things Outlander (written and compiled by Gabaldon herself) is incredibly useful to anyone playing catch-up on the series and incredibly fun for any fan of the books and TV series. Including detailed synopses and character lists (along with family trees, horoscopes, and clan badges) drawn from the first four novels, the Companion’s true value remains its Gaelic glossary and pronunciation primer and the ocean of research material illustrating how Gabaldon built this unique and magical world, including emails, notes, drawings, a detailed bibliography for those interested in learning more about the history and culture behind the stories, and even recipes for the true Outlander fanatic. A must-have for all fans.

Warning: Spoiler Alert for those who haven’t yet enjoyed this breathtaking series.

Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon
The original story that kicked off an epic tale of love, loyalty, and seemingly impossible adventure, Outlander isn’t any one thing. It’s equal parts science fiction, romance, adventure, mystery, and history, with all the elements blended masterfully and held together by Gabaldon’s fluid prose. In 1945, combat nurse Claire Randall returns from the war and tries to resume her marriage, going on a second honeymoon in Scotland. Stepping through an ancient stone circle, she is transported to Scotland in 1743, a land torn by politics, war, and clan rivalries. There she meets Jamie Fraser—and believe it or not, that’s when things get complicated.

Dragonfly in Amber, by Diana Gabaldon
As Claire struggles in 1968 with the task of telling her grown daughter the truth of her paternity, she continues the story begun in Outlander, as she and Jamie travel to Paris in an attempt to prevent the disastrous Battle of Culloden. With a complex and twisting plot of unexpected events, Gabaldon deepens our sense of the world Clarie has traveled to while simultaneously introducing complications including the rules of time travel, causality, and the affect her adventures will have on her own daughter centuries in the future. After Jamie forces her to return to her own time to protect her and the unborn Brianna from the consequences of the battle, readers are shocked by a final twist in a sequel that’s long, dense, but easy to read thanks to Gabaldon’s clear and enjoyable prose.

Voyager, by Diana Gabaldon
In the third installment of the Outlander story, Claire, knowing that Jamie was alive as late as 1765, decides to return to him, encouraged by her daughter. Jamie has survived the Battle of Culloden, been captured, spared execution, and lived several other lives under several other legendary Scot names, eventually winding up in Edinburgh where Jamie has found a new wife. A treasure hunt, adventure at sea, a murder in the Caribbean—Voyager never lets up and keeps you turning the pages compulsively until you reach the exciting cliffhanger of a climax.

Drums of Autumn, by Diana Gabaldon
As Jamie and Claire, finally free from Scotland’s intrigues, are making a new life in the American colonies in 1765, Claire’s daughter Brianna is finding her own romance in the 20th century. As Jamie and Claire encounter an America dealing with its own boiling-under political movements and growing resentment of English rule, they also have to deal with the limitations of medical science and the booming business of slavery in the colonies. In the modern-day, Brianna makes a terrible discovery that prompts her to travel back in time to try to save both the mother who left her behind and the father she never knew. Followed by her new love, historian Roger Wakefield, the plot thickens in typical Gabaldon fashion as both the distant and recent past are painted with expert details and a tone that rings true—and the ending leaves several plot lines open for resolution in the next book.

The Fiery Cross, by Diana Gabaldon
The Frasers—Jamie, Claire, Brianna, her soon-to-be husband Roger and their child Jeremiah—have settled into life on Fraser’s Ridge in the American colonies. But Claire, Brianna, and Roger know that the peace cannot last: the American Revolution is coming in just a few short years, and the cauldron of events that will spin out into that bloody conflagration have already begun. When Jamie is called on to form a militia to put down revolt, he knows that the time will come very soon when he has to betray his king, and, for the first time, the consequences of that decision are completely unknowable to all involved.

A Breath of Snow and Ashes, by Diana Gabaldon
Amidst rising political tempers in colonies that are edging inevitably towards open revolt, Claire is faced with a problem of a different sort—a young woman who claims Jamie has fathered her child. When the woman is found dead in her garden, both Claire and Jamie are arrested for the murder. On top of that, Claire knows from the future that a newspaper clipping sets the date of their deaths in a fire—and as the date approaches, the tension rises. Claire and Jamie’s daughter and her husband Roger have a different challenge: their second child is born with a heart defect, tempting them to leave their new lives to return to the future where medical care might save the child. Suffice to say, all of these conflicts have a typically Gabaldon solution that is equal parts unexpected and exciting.

An Echo in the Bone, by Diana Gabaldon
In the past, Jamie and Claire experience the fury of the American Revolution in real time, and write letters to their children and grandchildren, living two hundred years later. Combining more time-travel adventures in both directions, hidden gold only Claire’s grandchild Jem knows the location of, and run-ins with famed Americans such as Benjamin Franklin, An Echo in the Bone reminds the reader that while Claire knows the way history will go in their adopted home, she doesn’t necessarily know how her and Jamie’s story will end—or how the story of their family in the future will end—a theme underscored when she believes Jamie to have died in a shipwreck and seeks comfort with an old friend. Gabaldon once again leaves plenty of plot dangling to keep the reader hooked for the next one, but no one is complaining.

Written in My Own Heart’s Blood, by Diana Gabaldon
As the adventures and danger of the past finally bleeds into the future, all hell breaks lose in both as Claire and Jamie—who is now a commander in the rebel Continental Army—struggle to resume their lives after Claire’s desperate marriage to Jamie’s old friend, even as Claire worries that one of her husbands will murder the other. In the future, their child, Brianna, is left to fend off a vicious criminal after her son is kidnapped and her husband disappears into the past. One of the most complex, dense, and satisfying of all the books, In My Own Heart’s Blood is a must-read for anyone who has traveled with Gabaldon—and Jamie and Claire—all the way from the beginning.

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