10 Books for Fans of StoryBots

If you’ve got young kids at home, I don’t need to explain the popularity of the Emmy-award winning Netflix series, StoryBots (but my five year old, who is a big fan, would be happy to!). The five colorful Bots, who are the stars of the show, dwell inside computers and specialize in teaching kiddos all about the world around them by answering real kids’ STEM-related questions, and in turn, children love watching and singing along!. Want to find some books for your StoryBots-obsessed kid? Here’s a list full of StoryBots, other types of robots, computers and coding, and fact-filled books your child might like to try.

StoryBots ABC Jamboree, by StoryBots
Learn the alphabet with the StoryBots! Beep, Boop, Bing, Bang, and Bo will guide you on your ABC journey. Kids will enjoy seeing their favorite characters come to life on the pages of a book and like finding all the letters on each page!

How to Code a Sandcastle, by Josh Funk, illustrated by Sara Palacios
Pearl is on summer vacation and wants to build a sandcastle. Luckily, she has a rustproof Robot who can help! She tells him how to do things by coding. The book introduces ideas like sequencing, loops, and other ways to code. Kids (and parents!) will enjoy learning more about coding as sandcastles are built.

Pete the Cat: Robo-Pete, by James Dean
None of Pete’s friends can play with him, and he really wants to play baseball. What if he builds a robot who will play whatever and whenever Pete wants to play? He and Robo-Pete play baseball, hide-and-seek, and more, but Pete misses his friends! What will he do next? Kids will enjoy this cute story about Pete the Cat and his latest adventures.

The Moon’s Time to Shine, by StoryBots
Join the StoryBots as they take a look at the moon and learn all kinds of fun details about it! Perfect for beginner readers, this cute book will keep kids interested while they learn.

Baby Loves Coding!, by Ruth Spiro, illustrated by Irene Chan
Using bright illustrations, numbers, and colors, the book teaches babies and young toddlers all about programming, algorithms, coding and more through very simple explanations about items around us. Cute and great to add to storytime at home!

Robot Rumpus!

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Robot Rumpus!, by Sean Taylor, illustrated by Ross Collins
The parents decided to buy some robots to babysit the kids, but while it seemed like it would work out at first, the robots go berserk! Soon spaghetti winds up in the bathtub, and the whole house is a mess—a funny book sure to get some laughs.

Everything and Everywhere: A Fact-Filled Adventure for Curious Globe-Trotters, by Marc Martin
Take a trip around the world and learn lots of facts along the way! This is a good one for those children who love to know a little bit about everything and will satisfy the curious-minded who are endlessly asking “Why?”

Cars are Cool, by StoryBots
Come along with the StoryBots as they take a drive and see all kinds of different cars as they go! From different colors to varying sizes, the cars take first place in this book, perfect for those kiddos learning to read.

Robots, Robots Everywhere!, by Sue Fliess, illustrated by Bob Staake
This rhyming and colorful picture book will capture young readers’ attention with fun illustrations. A perfect read-aloud at any time of day, but especially for bedtime as it finishes by bidding goodnight to robots everywhere!

Look Inside How Computers Work, by Alex Frith
With lots of lift-the-flaps and detailed illustrations, kids will enjoy this entertaining and educational book all about computers. From the inside of computers to coding, this book has it all and will be a sure winner to add to your collection.

What other books do your StoryBots fans like to read?

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