15 Terrific Easter Picture Books

Easter is just around the corner, bringing with it a plethora of egg-hiding, treasure hunts, and treats. These ten books are the perfect literary confections to share with family. From adventures with egg hunts, to festive bus rides, and missing bunnies, these books are a non-sugary way to fill your child’s Easter basket and help them share in the joy of the season.

Here Comes the Easter Cat, by Deborah Underwood and Claudia Rueda
If your cat likes to be the center of attention, this is just the Easter book for you. Cat, who communicates through illustrated signs in Claudia Rueda’s funny drawings, makes it clear that he’s jealous of the Easter Bunny. The narrator suggests that he become the Easter Caty. Cat agrees and decides he’ll become faster than the Easter Bunny by riding around on a motorcycle, and more fabulous than him by wearing a top hat and sparkly vest. The problem? Delivering all those Easter baskets leaves Cat no time to get in the dozen or so naps he needs every day. Like Cat, you’ll emerge with a newfound respect for the hardest working bunny in the Easter business after reading this book.

Bunny Bear, by Andrea J. Loney and Carmen Saldaña
Meet Bunnybear, a grizzly-sized animal who likes to hop around, nibble on strawberries, and wiggle his nose. The other bears try to convince him he’s nuts—why isn’t he eating meat and catching fish? Bunnybear sets out to find his true people, but when he wriggles his way down into the rabbit warren, the elder bunny says he’s too big to stay. Bunnybear thinks he might be lonely forever, until he meets a bold, growling, twitchy-nosed friend called Grizzlybun.

Tiny the Texas Easter Bunny, by Eric James and Sarah Sanchez
Eric James is a British picture book author who specializes in creating dozens of localized versions of his books. This book, about an elephant who must help his friend Fluff the Easter Bunny deliver baskets after the rabbit becomes irrevocably stuck inside a log, was published in 60 different versions, customized for your state—you can order a version for Texas, California, New Jersey, Colorado, and more. The artwork and rhymes are altered in each version to give the story some authentic local flair. This book might be just the Easter basket touch to convince your kids the bunny really knows them.

Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventureby Kimberly and James Dean
What’s Pete the Cat’s favorite candy? Jellybeans. But he’s going to have to work for his candy. One day, the Easter Bunny leaves Pete a note asking him to help out with his holiday chores. Pete diligently dons the rabbit ears the bunny left for him, gathers eggs, paints them, and hides them. Whew! Somebody get this cat some jellybeans.

That Grand Easter Day!, by Jill Roman Lord and Alessia Trunfio
Books about non-rabbit animals dressing up as the Easter bunny never get old, but if you want to explore the miracle behind the holiday, this book by Jill Roman Lord is a great choice. In rhyming verse, Lord tells the story of Jesus’s sacrifice and resurrection in an accessible way, illustrated in rich Easter purples and golds by Alessia Trunfio. The verse is cumulative—like “The House that Jack Built,” repeating lines as the story builds to the final revelation of Christ’s resurrection.

We’re Going on an Egg Hunt, by Laura Hughes
Four tatty brown rabbits set off on an Easter egg hunt adventure. With lift-the-flap interaction and singsong verse, little ones want to read this one again and again. The rabbits, and the readers, must look for ten eggs on the hunt while meeting other animals along the way, including lambs, bees, and one scary wolf. This hardcover book is a perfect pick to read before sending your own little one out on their own egg hunt.

How to Catch the Easter Bunny, by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton
If your child is obsessed with catching any mythical holiday creature, this book will be sure to delight them. Told from the point of view of the Easter Bunny, the book takes us through an entire Easter delivery day. Starting at the bunny’s headquarters, readers will follow along as the bunny delivers eggs and manages to avoid traps that become more and more complex.

Everybunny Dance!, by Ellie Sandall
If you want to get your kids up and moving, this book will do just that. Great for an afternoon story time at home or a classroom read aloud, this story features flowing rhymes and dancing time. With a variety of bunnies, and one friendly fox, kids will delight in counting the animals, looking at their different outfits, and dancing along to the words. Featuring easy to read text and colorful pages, this picture book makes for a cheerful and playful pick.

 Otter Loves Easter, by Sam Garton
Fans of Llama, Llama will adore following along with Otter on this Easter adventure. Otter gets a bunch of chocolate Easter eggs this year and is told to share them, but she eats them all instead. After all, chocolate Easter eggs are her favorite! Remorse soon sets in and Otter knows she must do something for her friends, so she sets up an Easter egg hunt to show that sharing is caring. This board book is a great way to teach kids why they shouldn’t get all the eggs at the Easter egg hunt!

The Easter Bunny’s Helpers, by Anne Mangan and Tamsin Ainslie
A fresh take on Easter with the introduction of Australia and animals native to the country, this picture book is a welcome change from traditional tales. The Easter Bunny needs help delivering eggs this year and calls on friends to help. Will he make his deliveries in time? With a koala, emu, kangaroo, and other animal friends to help, the answer appears to be yes!

Fancy Nancy and the Missing Easter Bunny, by Jane O’Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser
Fans of Fancy Nancy will love this paperback, which comes with fancy stickers. Nibbles the bunny, the class pet, is staying at the Clancys’ house over Easter. When Nancy and friends go off on an egg hunt, they discover that Nibbles is missing. They must find the bunny before anyone finds out! A perfect springtime adventure book for older picture book readers.

Egg, by Kevin Henkes
This picture book is an excellent addition to a home library for any time of year. There are four eggs, all different colors, and one big surprise awaiting readers as the eggs begin to hatch. With simple repetitive text and easy to understand imagery, this book is ideal to read to babies or a great choice for emerging preschool readers.

Tucker Digs Easter, by Leslie McGuirk
Tucker the dog loves to dig holes in the ground, and he is very good at his job. When the Easter bunny asks Tucker to help, he’s all too eager to dig holes all around and hide the bunny’s eggs. He even gets to wear a special Easter Bunny costume! When the kids cannot find the eggs, Tucker leaps into action to help the children locate them. Tucker gets to be a canine hero twice in this sweet board book Easter story.

Bunny Bus, by Ammi-Joan Paquette and Lesley Breen Withrow
Animals get to hop on the Bunny Bus—yes, an actual bus shaped like a bunny!—and take a ride through town to the Easter Parade. Cats and owls and other well-dressed animals climb on board and make room for more as they go up and down, and temporarily break down. This colorful picture book takes readers on a different Easter adventure and is a great pick for kids who love transportation and animals.

Yoga Bunny, by Brian Russo
Holidays can be stressful, and this book will help you and your kid unwind! Bunny is practicing his poses and wants his woodland friends to join him. But they are all stressed, tired, angry, or just too busy. Bunny just wants them all to slow down, try a few poses, and understand that yoga may be a solution to their problems. When the holiday season (or any day, for that matter) becomes too stressful, open this book, read along with your kids, and then practice a few of bunny’s approved poses.

What picture books are you reading to get ready for Easter?

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