Our 6 Favorite Books to Read in the Bathtub

Rub-a-dub-dub, can’t get the kids in the tub? February 9 is Read in the Bathtub day, so it’s a great time to try enticing them with some fun bath time books. Reading to your kiddos doesn’t have to wait until bedtime. When they’re scrubbing off the remains of the day in the bath, they’re a captive audience, so take advantage with some stellar books. For the little ones, there are even some waterproof options. Check out some of our favorite bath time reads.

Bath Time!, by Sandra Boynton
The littlest piggies that need a good scrubbing before bedtime will love this waterproof, nontoxic, completely baby-safe bath book by kid—and parent—favorite Sandra Boynton. The book even floats! Bath Time! tells a simple, rhyming story of a little painter pig who needs to get clean after a fun day at the easel. The pig’s snout has a built-in squeaker on the last page, so kids can press it once they—and the little pig in the story—are squeaky clean. (Ages 0–2)

The Rainbow Fish Bath Book, by Marcus Pfister
The Rainbow Fish, with his striking blue, green, purple, and sparkling silver scales, is the most beautiful fish in the ocean—and he knows it in this bath book edition of Marcus Pfister’s original picture book. One day, a little fish asks the Rainbow Fish for one of his sparkly scales, which glitter on the page thanks to rainbow-colored foil—just like in the original book. This edition is a cute bathtub book about the importance of sharing and friendship. (Ages 1–3)

Bathtime for Biscuit, by Alyssa Satin Capucilli and Pat Schories
Little tan pup Biscuit doesn’t want to take a bath. He would rather roll, dig, and play with his doggy pal Puddles. By the end of this silly story, everyone—including Biscuit’s owner—needs a bath! Kids will enjoy the simple prose and repetitive text in this muddy tale, and beginning readers will feel proud that they can recognize most of the words on the page as they follow along with this bath time read-aloud. (Ages 3–6)

Do Pirates Take Baths?, by Kathy Tucker and Nadine Westcott
Kiddos can pretend they’re sailing the soapy seas when you read them this funny book at bath time. In it, a series of 13 brief, bouncy verses answers questions lots of pirate-loving kids are sure to have about these rowdy buccaneers, like “What does a pirate wear?,” “Do pirates have pets?,” and, of course the titular question, “Do pirates take baths?” Find out the answers to these and more in this jovial picture book sure to liven up time in the tub. (Ages 3–6)

Bad Kitty Gets a Bath, by Nick Bruel
Young readers of illustrated chapter books will think this bath time book is the cat’s meow. In this how-to read, kids get step-by-step instruction for the treacherous process of getting a cat to take a bath. Filled with funny asides and hilarious drawings, Bad Kitty Gets a Bath includes cheeky news clippings, a glossary of silly terms, and even an epilogue about how ridiculously easy it is to bathe a dog by comparison. (Ages 5–8)

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, by Betty MacDonald
The magical Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle has a cure for whatever ails kids in Betty MacDonald’s original book about the lady who lives in the upside-down house and smells like cookies. A chapter book like Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle makes for an awesome reason for your kiddo to want to get in the tub: They’ll get to hear the next chapter in this delightful book that has entertained kids for more than six decades. They’ll also enjoy a funny cautionary tale about a little girl who wouldn’t take a bath in The Radish Cure chapter. (Ages 8–12)

What are your favorite books to read to your kids in the bath?

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