7 Picture Books About Getting Glasses

When my son had to get glasses at four years old, it was a battle. Of course, in typical sibling style, his baby sister instantly wanted in on the four-eyed action when he came home rocking a pair of trendy plastic frames. She actually insisted on wearing shades around the house for a whole week. She was envious of his cool accessory—while all he wanted to do was ditch ‘em. He didn’t though—because, while he wasn’t in love with his new bespectacled look, he was a fan of finally seeing with crisp vision. Function meet fashion in a brand new pair of prescription eyeglasses, and it’s a big deal when you get your first pair as a kid! Some children are excited (like my little fashionista, who ironically doesn’t need them), and others, well, not so much. Reading books about kids getting glasses is a great way to break the ice and prepare little ones for the full experience—from the ophthalmologist’s office to the optician’s store. Better yet, your kiddo will be very excited once he can finally and clearly see the book’s beautiful illustrations.

I Can See Just Fine, by Eric Barclay
Paige is having some trouble seeing the blackboard and her sheet music and pretty much everything else she needs to look at during the school day. Still, she refuses to admit that she has a vision problem, and insists that she can see just fine! In fact this defensive little phrase becomes Paige’s personal mantra. In a series of fun, playful illustrations (that show how Paige really is seeing the world), we watch her go to the doctor, select glasses, and learn to admit that seeing through lenses has some serious benefits.

I Really Absolutely Must Have Glasses, by Lauren Child
When her best friend shows up to school wearing a super stylish pair of floral glasses, Lola decides she “needs” a pair too. Fortunately (and unfortunately) she doesn’t actually need them—so she devises a plan to get her own pair anyway.

Douglas, You Need Glasses, by Ged Adamson
Douglas is a dog who needs eyeglasses. His poor vision gets him into some tricky instances—like he chases a leaf that he thinks is a squirrel and eats out of the neighbor dog’s bowl! It’s a comedy of errors until he and his owner find a solution in this sweet and silly book.

Luna and the Big Blur, by Shirley Day and Don Morris
Luna is nearsighted—so when she decides she doesn’t need to wear her glasses, some funny and silly and unexpected things happen. Luckily, her dad helps her realize not to be embarrassed by her vision problems, but to embrace the unique person she really is on the inside.

The Princess Who Wore Glasses, by Laura Hertzfeld Katz
Princess Liana can’t see very far, and so she’s missing out on many of the wonders of the kingdom. The King and Queen send her to meet with Maximilian, the court magician, who performs a magical eye test and presents Princess Liana with a pair of glasses that enable her to see all the beauty in the land around her.

Glamorous Glasses, by Barbara Johansen Newman
As cousins and besties, Bobbie and Joanie do everything together. So, naturally, when Joanie gets glasses, Bobbies wants to get them too. But Joanie doesn’t feel so enthusiastic about her new frames, and so Bobbie comes up with a plan to make them both happy about the bespectacled situation.

Arlo Needs Glasses, by Barney Saltzberg
This immersive read introduces kids to Arlo, a shaggy pup who loves to play catch, until once day he can’t see the ball so well. Kids get to help Arlo solve his sight problem by reading a sight chart and interacting with the flaps of this charming picture book.

What books would you recommend to a child getting glasses?

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