8 Stupendous Books for Superhero Fans of All Ages

Whether it’s Captain Awesome, Captain Underpants, or Captain America, kids love superhero adventures fraught with bad guys, good guys, and, of course, saving the planet! Here’s a wide range of books sure to entertain little ones who are dreaming of donning their own superhero capes.

Captain Awesome, series by Stan Kirby
The Captain Awesome series is a perfect place to start for superhero fans. Eugene came up with his own superhero name of Captain Awesome (because, duh, he’s awesome), and he sets out to save the day, of course. And with titles like Captain Awesome vs Nacho Cheese Man and Captain Awesome vs the Evil Babysitter, kids can’t help but be entertained and ready to see what new adventures he’s into.

Incredibles 2: Look and Find, by Phoenix International Publications
Even the youngest fan of the Incredibles can enjoy this look-and-find book featuring all the favorite characters. Good for either before or after seeing the movie, and a fun way for older siblings to interact with their younger brothers and sisters.

Captain Underpants, series by Dav Pilkey
My three boys love all things Captain Underpants, from the books to the movie. They are thoroughly amused by this would-be superhero and all of his misadventures. You can really start with any book in the series—but be ready for uncontrollable giggle fits. You will also inevitably find your kids reading one book all together, looking over each other’s shoulders as they laugh out loud.

My Brother is a Superhero, by Brad Solomons
Another book perfect for siblings, My Brother is a Superhero features eleven-year-old Luke, who almost got to be superhero like his big brother, Zack, except he had to go to the bathroom—and missed his chance. Full of fun, adventure, and sibling rivalry, this middle grade book is a great summer, or anytime, read.

Captain America: The Tomorrow Army: A Mighty Marvel Chapter Book by Rich Thomas
You can’t go wrong with any Captain America chapter books—our family recently discovered our love for all things Marvel, and Captain America is the quintessential superhero. Any superhero fan will be a fan of Captain America.

Superhero Potty Time, by Sue DiCicco
If your little one is a fan of Jack-Jack from The Incredibles, and is currently in the process of learning how to go potty, then get them a copy of this book, stat! After all, even superheroes have to go to the bathroom!

Superhero Instruction Manual, by Kristy Dempsey, illustrated by Mark Fearing
All this talk of superheroes will make your kiddos want their own superhero status. This book comes to the rescue with its trusty guide to all-things-superhero. From how to pick out a name to finding the perfect secret hide-out, this manual is full of tips accompanied by fun illustrations your kids will enjoy.

Even Superheroes Have Bad Days, by Shelly Becker, illustrated by Eda Kaban
This one is a good reminder for all of us that even our superheroes have bad days from time to time. And how do they handle it? Well, in only the best superhero way possible—by exercising (in space, no less), helping others, and even meditating! It seems superheroes are still super role models, even when they’re not feeling all that super.

What books are your superhero-loving kids fans of?

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