A Day at the Beach for a Boy with a Sensory Processing Disorder, the Perks of Being a Middle Child, and a Girl Who Will NEVER Eat Broccoli: 10 New and Notable Picture Books

Each of the following books offers a different adventure. Travel to a magical island with Clever Little Witch or test out a day at the beach with This Beach Is Loud! If stories about glamorous tooth fairies are more your speed, pick up Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO.

There’s lots to celebrate in the list below. Read on and choose your fave!

This Beach Is Loud!, by Samantha Cotterill
A day at the beach is a wonderful thing. But it can also be stressful! In Samantha Cotterill’s picture book, a young boy struggles with sensory overload. At the beach, the boy finds that there are too many people being much too loud. Even the sand presents problems. The boy describes the sand as “ouchy and sticky and bumpy and scratchy.”

When the boy begs to leave the beach, his father remains calm. He tells his son to “take a deep breath” and “tap your fingers and count to three.” As the boy repeats the exercise, he begins to calm down. Soon, the beach doesn’t feel scary. He is ready to explore!

Cotterill’s book is part of the Little Senses series, which is designed to support “sensitive children on and off the autism spectrum.” Highly recommended!

Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO, by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli and Federico Fabiani
Tallulah is not your average tooth fairy. She is a tooth fairy CEO, running her business with style and grace. Tallulah sees her profession as “a calling.” Obsessed with all things dental, she spends her free time at museums featuring “exhibitions about teeth.”

For the most part, Tallulah has life figured out. She keeps the same weekly schedule, which includes Pilates, therapy, yoga, and, of course, her nightly tooth fairy duties.

Life becomes more complicated when a boy leaves a note under his pillow. He claims to have misplaced his tooth. This has never happened before. Tallulah doesn’t know what to do. Should she follow the rules or make up new ones?

Incredibly stylish and funny, readers will find Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO a unique vision of tooth fairy life.

Bunny in the Middle, by Anika A. Denise and Christopher Denise
According to Anika A. Denise, there are many benefits to being a middle child, or in the case of her book, a middle bunny. When you’re a bunny in the middle, you have “someone bigger who helps you” and “someone smaller who needs you.” Middle bunnies get to experience all sides of life. They get lead, follow, and even go their own way.

But of course, there also downsides to being a middle bunny. Life is usually cramped, and when it comes to clothes, hand-me-downs are the norm.

Despite these drawbacks, Denise’s view of middle bunnyhood is almost entirely positive. The book ends by saying that the best part of being in the middle is “you are loved all around.”

A very sweet story, Bunny in the Middle will warm the hearts of young readers, especially those who find themselves in the middle.

Nope. Never. Not For Me!, by Samantha Cotterill
A little girl in a dinosaur costume is positive that she will never ever eat broccoli. As a compromise, the girl’s mother asks her to inspect the vegetable with her other senses. The girl looks at the broccoli and decides that it is too “bumpy” and “lumpy.”

Then, the girl touches the vegetable. It’s too “scratchy.” Still, the more the girl interacts with the broccoli, the less frightened she becomes. Finally, she decides to try “one teeny, little bite.” And, she hates it! Even so, her mother celebrates her effort. This builds the girl’s confidence to try other fruits and veggies.

Nope. Never. Not For Me! is another Little Senses book. Fans of the series should check out Cotterill’s Can I Play Too?, a picture book that helps little ones pay attention to the feelings of others.

The Wonder That Is You, by Glenys Nellist and Aurelie Blanz
Glenys Nellist’s latest book might be the perfect baby shower gift! Told in rhyme and beautifully illustrated, the book focuses on the joy of new motherhood.

The Wonder That Is You is told from a variety of perspectives and features a diverse group of mothers. Each new mother thoughtfully celebrates her child’s birth. One mother says, “It seemed as though the stars smiled down and twinkled in delight. And peeked into my arms to see this precious, perfect sight.” Another mother wonders, “And could it be that every bird sang loud from every tree, a melody to celebrate the gift you were to me?”

Glenys Nellist is also the author of Snuggle Time Prayers and Love Letters from God.

Clever Little Witch, by Mượn Thị Văn and Hyewon Yum
Little Linh has all the things a clever witch needs. She has a spell book, a broomstick, and a magical creature that looks like a mouse with wings. Linh also has one thing that she doesn’t need. His name is Baby Phu. Unfortunately, he is her brother.

Baby Phu is a menace. He eats pages from Linh’s precious spell book and traumatizes her magical creature. Linh does all she can to rid herself of her little brother. Nothing works. No one wants him!

Linh decides to use her magical powers to transform her brother into something less annoying. But even as a frog or a seal, Baby Phu remains a nuisance.

When Linh accidently turns her brother into a dragon, things get dangerous. Thankfully, her brother saves the day. Baby Phu rescues his sister after she falls from a broomstick. For the first time, Linh feels lucky to have a little brother.

Clever Little Witch is a charming and inventive book. Hyewon Yum’s vibrant color pencil illustrations perfectly accompany Mượn Thị Văn’s playful text.

No More Monsters Under Your Bed!, by Jordan Chouteau and Anat Even Or
In Jordan Chouteau’s picture book, a boy is plagued by monsters. These monsters, though scary to the boy, are comically drawn and described. Readers will giggle at Anat Even Or’s silly creations. There are monsters that wear tutus and pigtails, and others that gobble ice cream by the gallon.

The boy can’t sleep until his parents give him a secret weapon: a powerful patch that makes its wearer invisible to monsters. Once the monsters can’t see the boy, they can’t bother him anymore. Finally, no more monsters!

Each of Chouteau’s books comes with the anti-monster patch described, helping readers to banish their own bedtime terrors.

Goodbye, Friend! Hello, Friend!, by Cori Doerrfeld
With Goodbye, Friend! Hello Friend!, Cori Doerrfeld shows young readers that every goodbye brings new opportunities. Saying goodbye to mom before school is saying hello to new friends. Saying goodbye to a winter snowman is saying hello to spring’s puddles.

Doerrfeld’s cheerful and uplifting book is accompanied by soft and colorful illustrations. Her picture book is a gentle world where there are no hard edges, and where even the toughest goodbyes are followed by sunny hellos.

Little Juniper Makes it BIG, by Aidan Cassie
Aidan Cassie is the author and illustrator of one of my favorite picture books of 2018, Sterling, Best Dog Ever. In that book, Cassie tells the heartwarming story of a stray dog who is so desperate to be accepted that he is willing to be whatever his new family needs, even if what they need isn’t a dog.

Cassie’s latest release is just as lovely as her previous picture book. Little Juniper Makes it BIG is about a raccoon who isn’t happy being small. For Juniper, being small means struggling to reach counters, doorknobs, and sinks.

Life changes when Juniper befriends Clove, a feisty squirrel who is less than half her size. When Juniper visits Clove’s house, everything is within reach. The raccoon no longer feels small. In fact, as the hours pass at Clove’s house, Juniper begins to feel downright huge!

By the end of the book, the raccoon has made peace with her size. Juniper realizes that while she didn’t love some things about being small, “most things were wonderful.”

What’s Your Favorite Food?, by Eric Carle and Friends
This is another fantastic addition to Eric Carle’s What’s Your Favorite series. The book features 13 children’s book artists and their favorite foods. Highlights include Benji Davies’s ode to cheese and Matthew Gordell’s energetic tribute to pizza. At the end of the book, readers will find short biographies of each of the artists featured. Previous books in the series have focused on favorite colors, favorite animals, and favorite bugs.

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