The Best New Picture Books of February 2018

It’s February again, and we all know what that means—it’s time to secretly stuff ourselves with cream-filled chocolate, seal cryptic cards with kisses, and snuggle up with our tiny loves at storytime. Because we know the classic wintertime lore might be wearing thin this far into the season, we’ve handpicked ten timely tales that will get you and your little readers excited for springtime adventures, tickle you with animal antics and, of course, prepare EVERYBODY for the sweetest dreams possible.

Sweet Dreams Supergirl, by Omar Lozano and Michael Dahl
When it’s bedtime in the big city, an exhausted-but-fitful Supergirl fan is trying her best to catch some zzz’s. But, just outside her window, her greatest heroine, SUPERGIRL, has no time to rest. There are enemies hiding in the vast darkness, and she needs to use her superpowers to save the sleeping city. Full of heart—and a whole lot of imagination—this is a thrilling read-aloud to feature at your next storytime.

Ten Magic Butterflies, by Danica McKellar and Jennifer Bricking
In this enchanting tale, McKellar has found a way to cleverly weave simple math concepts into a fairy tale framework. Flowers are spontaneously, magically bursting into butterflies on every page, and as they do, little readers are invited to learn how to group them into tens—a basic building block of arithmetic. This story is engaging and attractively informative—can you think of a more positive equation to introduce to your little readers?

The Magician’s Hat, by Malcolm Mitchell and Joanne Lew-Vriethoff
Off the field, New England Patriots wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell has taken an opportunity to extoll the benefits of the public library—put quite simply, there’s MAGIC inside! When a magician puts on a spectacular show at story time, he invites every kid to reach into the hat to grab what they most desire. Dreams come true on every page—and they can all be traced back to the magic of books! It’s a powerful message, and one you’ll want to share with your little readers again and again!

Wordy Birdy, by Tammi Sauer and Dave Mottram
This playful story has achieved the picture book trifecta: it’s a tale that highlights friendship, the importance of paying attention, AND it’s hilarious! It’s the perfect addition to your next storytime; join Wordy Birdy and all his pals on a surprising adventure tonight!

The Rabbit Listened, by Cori Doerrfield
Children are often some of the most empathetic people in our lives, but, as we all know, they don’t always know constructive ways to express or receive comfort. The Rabbit Listened features a boy who, in the midst of a traumatic loss, is unable to find someone who can truly listen—until he realizes the Rabbit might be the consummate confidante. Healing meditations are rarely available for the picture book set, so this is a special story indeed.

I am a Warrior Goddess, by Jennifer Adams and Carme Lemniscates
This story has a very clear message from the very first page—not all goddesses come from far-flung lands and possess superhuman powers. No, goddesses come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re all around us. They live in ordinary places and do ordinary things, but with extraordinary results. They’re kind and courageous, as well as generous and hopeful—in fact, you probably have a warrior goddess at home right now! Celebrate her with this heartfelt tale tonight!

Moon: A Peek-Through Picture Book, by Britta Teckentrupp
Lyrical text and magnificent die-cut illustrations will immediately engage, and move your young readers through all the luminescent phases of the moon. On this wonderful literary journey, they’ll also travel to numerous landscapes, and witness nocturnal animals conducting their routines under the brilliant sky. It provides the perfect preface to peaceful, dreamy sleep.

The Big Bed, by Bunmi Laditan and Tom Knight
Laditan is the author of the hilarious book The Honest Toddler, so it will come as no shock to fans that she has precisely captured the eternal bedtime struggle here. At the center of this story is a little girl who is scared of the dark, and can only find respite in her parents’ bed. She recognizes, however, that they can’t all be comfortable in there together, so she entreats her father (by way of a pretty solid sales pitch) to sleep in a cot alongside. While it might not change any habits, this story will definitely bring a fair amount of giggles to your next storytime!

Splish, Splash, Ducky!, by Lucy Cousins

Ducky Duckling is the adorable new character from the brilliant mind behind the Maisy toddler series. Ducky has so much fun in the rain—puddles and slugs and mud, oh my! But, suddenly, the downpour stops, and the fun is threatening to slip away too! Ducky Duckling’s daddy might have a way to put the splish back in Ducky’s splash, though. Dig into this delightful tale today!

Neither, by Airlie Anderson
Blue bunnies and yellow birds are the only creatures inhabiting the land of This and That. But one day a green egg hatches, and a funny-looking animal that’s neither bunny nor bird pops out: Neither! After searching for a place to fit in, Neither finally lands in the Land of All, and he’s delighted to see animals of all shapes and sizes surrounding him—it’s PERFECT! This good-natured fable tells a wonderful story, and brings diversity to the forefront—you won’t want to miss it!

What books are you bringing out at storytime this month?

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