B&N Kids’ Blog Exclusive: Check Out the Book Trailer for James Riley’s The Revenge of Magic!

The Revenge of Magic, the first novel in a new series by James Riley (author of the diabolically clever Story Thieves series) comes out on March 5, but we’re thrilled to reveal the exciting book trailer now! You’ll find it below, along with an introduction from the author.

When you take the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Hollywood, you can get sorted by the Sorting Hat. If you’ve ever read how mean I am to my characters, you might correctly guess that it put me immediately into Slytherin. The man with the Sorting Hat said that sometimes people don’t like to get Slytherin, so I could try again, but I told him it was nothing I didn’t already know.

There are no houses in the Oppenheimer School in The Revenge of Magic. There aren’t any sliding stairs or talking portraits. Just soldiers, on a military base, nervously guarding twelve year old children as they learn to cast fireballs and create earthquakes. Because in The Revenge of Magic, only kids can use the five books of magic found around the world alongside the bones of dragons, thirteen years ago. Though if you’ve seen the amazing trailer for the series, you already know that part (how cool was that, by the way? I can say that because I definitely didn’t make it myself!)

What you don’t know is that the main character of The Revenge of Magic, Fort Fitzgerald, wants to learn magic for, well, revenge. See that monster destroying Washington, D.C., on the cover of the book? That’s Fort standing there horrified, because the monster takes his father from him. And when Fort gets an invitation to the Oppenheimer School to learn magic, and maybe use it against one of these monsters, he jumps at the chance.

But the school didn’t invite him so he could get revenge. The headmaster has reasons of his own, as Fort’s going to discover … if the school, and the world, aren’t destroyed first.

Like I said, I’m a bit mean to my characters. In Story Thieves, my last series, I gave one of the main characters, Owen, his greatest wish: to visit the world of his favorite book series, Kiel Gnomenfoot, Magic Thief. Only it turns out Owen gets stuck there, and can’t escape. See? This is exactly the kind of thing a Slytherin writer does to their characters. We’re not very nice. 

So if you’ve read Story Thieves before, you know what’s to come for Fort in The Revenge of Magic: nothing good. But if this is your first book of mine, thank you for giving it a try, and I hope you like it, because there are six more to come, one for each of the types of magic they find. But wait, didn’t I say they only found five books? Uh oh…

Check out the book trailer for The Revenge of Magic below!

The Revenge of Magic is on B&N bookshelves March 5. You can pre-order it now!

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