Bookseller Favorites: Fantastic New Picture Books for November 2019

If you’re surrounded by leaf piles, inhaling the sweet scent of mulled apple cider, and can’t stop smiling to yourself about all the excitement all around AND ahead, it must be November! Indeed, for most of us, the long-awaited chill of deep fall has finally arrived, and now it’s time for slipper socks, snuggles, and the opportunity to warm up with new stories at bedtime. Some of our favorites this month are happy and heartfelt, a few are courageous and clever, and they’re ALL guaranteed to bring even more joy to your next storytime!

Jack Frost vs. the Abominable Snowman, by Sourcebooks
It’s Race Day in Winter Wonderland, and Jack and Abe are primed for their thrilling head-to-head match-up. If you thought you had no power in this story, think again—the outcome of this race is up to YOU! Your young reader will squeal with delight choosing a different path during each exciting reading—add this frosty crowd-pleaser to your storytime shelf today!

Sofia Valdez, Future Prez (Questioneers Collection Series), by Andrea Beaty and David Roberts
If you have a discerning Questioneer in your storytime audience, then you’ll definitely want to introduce him or her to Sofia Valdez, the newest activist character from the team responsible for Iggy Peck and Rosie Revere! When Abuelo injures himself at the landfill and can no longer walk Sofia to school every morning, she cooks up a plan to transform Mount Trashmore once and for all. You and your young community activists will be rooting for Sofia all the way to City Hall—and this inspiring tale will quickly become a favorite!

Sisters First, by Jenna Bush Hager, Barbara Pierce Bush, and Ramona Kaulitzki
An earnest young girl wishes fervently for a little sister, but once the baby arrives, the tiny little bundle isn’t much fun! Once she’s a little older though, the adventures start, and the magic doesn’t stop! This loving tribute to sisterhood and the magnificently unconditional friendship found therein shouldn’t be missed!

Kiki & Jax: The Life-Changing Magic of Friendship, by Marie Kondo and Salina Yoon
If Marie Kondo inspired you to transform your life and create extra room for joy, there’s a strong likelihood that she can work her magic on your young reader too! This tidying tale of true friendship will warm your heart and clear space for snuggles!

My Book With No Pictures, by B.J. Novak
This witty follow-up to The Book with No Pictures brings a whole new dimension to storytime—your young raconteur will develop a personalized book of their very own for YOU to read! Simple fill-in-the-blanks (and plenty of nonsense stickers) will lead to hours of raucous storytelling—and create a hilarious moment in time that you’ll love sharing with your young reader over and over again.

The Dinky Donkey, by Craig Smith and Katz Cowley
If your little readers couldn’t get enough of The Wonky Donkey, we’re certain Wonky’s daughter, Dinky Donkey, will be just what the doctor ordered. As for you, start those tongue-twisting exercises now – get ready for wild rhymes and A LOT of repeat readings of this spirited tale!

What new picture books are you excited to read this month?

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