December Editor’s Pick: Chicken Story Time

Story time is fun for everyone! This adage is proven to be especially true in Chicken Story Time, by Sandy Asher (the author of Too Many Frogs), which tells the sweet tale of a librarian whose weekly story time begins to draw larger and larger crowds—not only of children, but also of chickens. That parents and kids enjoy story time is no surprise; that it becomes a growing hit among the town’s avian population is a little more unexpected.

Young readers who love repetition, as well as silly illustrations (by Mark Fearing, who also illustrated the forthcoming and hilariously titled Great, Now We’ve Got Barbarians!) will flock to this charming book. And the sly ending, in which the librarian figures out a way for everyone to enjoy story time with a minimum of feathers flying, will make adult readers smile.

Chicken Story Time is on B&N Bookshelves now.

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