A Flying Girl, a Treehouse Enthusiast, and a Town of Tandem Bicycling Critters: 10 Spring Picture Books We Love

Spring has finally sprung and we are celebrating with some of our favorite new picture book releases! They include the story of a boy who prefers life in the treetops of Central Park, the tale of a selfie-obsessed fox, and a sequel to Tomie dePaola’s classic, Strega Nona.

Up in the Leaves: The True Story of the Central Park Treehouses, by Shira Boss and Jamey Christoph
Up in the Trees tells the true story of Bob Redman, a young boy who isn’t a fan of city life. Bob prefers the treetops of Central Park to the noisy, crowded streets of New York City. Up in the leaves, the boy stargazes and builds treehouses. A lyrical picture book with lovely illustrations, Up in the Trees is a standout new release.

Cycle City, by Alison Farrell
In Cycle City, animals use wheels to get around town. There are tandems, quint tandems (bicycles built for 5), bicycles shaped like butterflies, and bookmobiles. Cycle City is full of tiny wonders. Each of Farrell’s landscapes is rich with detail. Packed with charm and completely engaging, Cycle City includes every wheel mobile you’ve ever imagined, and some you haven’t!

Strega Nona’s Magic Ring, by Tomie dePaola
Strega Nona and Big Anthony are back in this Tomie dePaola reissue. When Big Anthony steals Strega Nona’s magic ring, he turns into a handsome ladies’ man. Big Anthony couldn’t be more pleased. But soon, he regrets his decision. Women are chasing him across the countryside, begging him to dance! Strega Nona, as always, comes to the rescue. Strega Nona’s Magic Ring is a delightful sequel to dePaola’s classic Strega Nona.

Time for a Trip, by Phillis Gershator and David Walker
A sweet and simple rhyming story, Time for a Trip will perfectly prepare young ones for their next trip. Readers will watch as a bunny packs for a trip, makes pit stops in a car, and greets its grandparents. This book is part of the Snuggle Time Stories series which includes Time for a Nap and Time for a Bath.

This is the Nest That Robin Built, by Denise Fleming
Flemings’s new picture book is a perfectly written cumulative tale. Energetic and engaging, young ones will be eager to chime in and read along.  The picture book tells the story of a bird’s nest that is built with the help of many animals, including a squirrel, dog, horse, and pig.
Denise Fleming is also the author of In the Small, Small Pond, a Caldecott Honor picture book.

The Flying Girl: How Aida de Acosta Learned to Soar, by Margarita Engle and Sara Palacios
Margarita Engle’s book tells the true story of Aida de Acosta, the first woman to pilot a motorized aircraft. Acosta flew during a time in early aviation when it was unthinkable for women to become pilots. She was just 19 when she flew an airship in 1903. Readers will find Acosta’s spirited determination both heartwarming and inspiring. The Flying Girl is a fantastic read for girls and boys alike.

I Am the Boss of This Chair, by Carolyn Crimi and Marisa Morea
Oswald the cat is used to being the boss. He reigns over pillows, toys, toilet paper, and meal times. Most importantly, Oswald is the boss of a very special armchair. But life changes when a kitten named Pom-Pom comes to stay. Oswald does not like Pom-Pom. The kitten is oblivious to Oswald’s boss status! Oswald will have to learn to share if he hopes for a happy coexistence. Maybe they can be co-bosses?

Selfie Sebastian, by Sarah Glenn Marsh and Florence Weiser
Sebastian is a full-of-himself fox who loves to take selfies. However, despite all of his primping, the perfect selfie eludes Sebastian. The fox decides a great adventure is in order—filled with picture taking, of course. After all, aren’t travel photos what perfect selfies are made of? In the end, Sebastian learns a bit of humility and that the best selfies are ones taken with friends.

Natsumi!, by Susan Lendroth and Priscilla Burris
Natsumi is an exuberant child who does everything in a big way. She likes to run fast, jump high, and practice her ninja moves. When Natsumi’s family prepares for a traditional Japanese festival, she is eager to join in. But Natsumi’s whirlwind energy isn’t fit for making tea or dancing delicately. Will Natsumi find an activity that showcases her big personality?

10 Blue Butterflies: A Counting Book, by Sam Williams
Sam Williams’s 10 Blue Butterflies is a counting book with a twist. Each spread features a different patterned creature. Readers are asked to find an item, such as a red ladybug, within the pattern. Williams’s book applies find-and-seek fun to counting practice.

What picture books are you excited to add to storytime?

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