8 Series for Kids to Read After They Finish Dog Man: Fetch-22!

The 8th book in Dav Pilkey’s howlarious Dog Man series, Fetch-22, hit shelves on December 10th, and the Barnes & Noble exclusive edition includes a pullout poster for the ultimate supa fan!

If, like our booksellers, your young readers can’t get enough of Dog Man, we’ve got you covered with readalikes that will keep you laughing all through the howlidays. These eight series go hand in hand with Dog Man and the non-stop silliness of his adventures. 

Catstronauts series, by Drew Brockington
What if cats…but in space? This fantastic series reimagines a world populated entirely by cats, where cats build rockets and launch into space and explore the moon and our solar system. It starts with cats heading to the moon to set up a solar panel system to save the earth from an energy crisis and it only gets bigger and better from there. With bright illustrations and a great sense of humor, it’s a must for fans of Dogman—and yes, there is a cat Neil Armstrong.

Bad Guys series, by Aaron Blabey
Not all bad guys are bad guys. Y’know? Think of it as Wreck-It Ralph syndrome. While Dogman is off hunting bad guys, the Bad Guys are trying their best to be good. In their first mission, the team of Mr. Wolf, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Snake and Mr. Shark head to free two hundred dogs from the Maximum Security City Dog Pound—assuming they don’t get caught. This quirky, illustrated chapter book series is great for those panting for a strange-animal superhero story.

Mia Mayhem series, by Kara West, illustrated by Leeza Hernandez
More superheroes, please! Kids who can’t stop playing with their Dogman stuffed animals will love the Mia Mayhem series. Mia Macarooney goes from regular eight-year-old girl to superhero-in-training at the after-school program for superheroes in-training. Now she has to balance her superhero powers and training alongside keeping her secret identity and finishing her homework!

Sanity and Tallulah series, by Molly Brooks
Want a science fantasy adventure involving two girls and a three-headed cat? Sanity and Tallulah live in Wilnick, a nearly abandoned space station at the end of the galaxy. Nearly. When their science experiment creates a three-headed kitten, the kitten escapes, almost destroying the ship and forcing an evacuation. If they don’t find the cat, their home could be destroyed… and the adorable kitten along with it. The sequel to Sanity and Tallulah, called Sanity and Tallulah: Field Trip, just hit  B&N bookshelves in October.

Lucy and Andy Neanderthal series, by Jeffrey Brown
Lucy and Andy are your normal brother and sister. They babysit, and fight with their siblings, and do art projects, and help their family prepare dinner—except, you know, they live in the Stone Age. And when they meet humans, everything changes. Jeffrey Brown’s illustration style is similar to Dav Pilkey’s, and the familiar aesthetic and humor will sure to be a comfort to those reluctant to read outside the Dogman franchise.

Mac B: Kid Spy series, by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Mike Lowery
Mac Barnett’s childhood was a wild ride. Did you know he was a spy??? He recounts his adventures in this illustrated chapter book “memoir,” sure to keep kids giggling late into the night. When the Crown Jewels are stolen from the Queen of England, it’s up to Mac to find the stolen treasure with the help of karate moves and historical factoids.

Dragons in a Bag series, by Zetta Elliott
Here’s a great new urban fantasy series for kids on the younger side of middle grade. When Jaxon’s mom needs to go to court to keep them being evicted from their Brooklyn apartment, she leaves him with an old woman he’s never met before. She happens to be a witch who needs a helper with her magical work. Today’s job is to deliver a clutch of baby dragons to a magical world where they can thrive. They can’t be let out of the bag, or they’ll imprint on humans, and they can’t eat anything sweet, or they’ll grow. Needless to say, things don’t go smoothly. Jaxon, the witch, and the dragons end up back in time during the age of dinosaurs by mistake, and that’s just the first problem! It’s a warm, wild adventure that will delight young dragon lovers. The second book, The Dragon Thief, just landed in October.

Ben Braver series, by Marcus Emerson
Move from dog superheroes to the human kind with Marcus Emerson’s fun Ben Braver series. Ben never had superpowers, but a when he stumbles his way into a secret school for kids with special abilities, he thinks it might be his chance to become the superhero he’s always wanted to be. But Kepler Academy has its own problems, and it’s hard for Ben to hide his lack of super skills—especially when the school keeps needing to be saved.

What series would you recommend to Dogman fans?

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